Human Behavior Breakthrough

Noetitek™ reveals links between specific universal emotions, specific foci of consciousness, and specific basic human motivations. The new insights open the door to better understanding the relationship among thoughts, feelings/moods, beliefs, and behaviors, and help devise more effective, lasting, and reliably predictive results in a person’s overall experience. The mental health and societal benefits of, for example, widespread nonreligious spirituality, are obvious―i.e., higher focus of consciousness → increased positive emotions → reduced anti-social behavior.


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2 Responses to “Human Behavior Breakthrough”

  1. Stark Raven Says:

    Would you please give an example of the link between a particular emotion, motivation and focus of consciousness?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    This area of study will be explained in our upcoming book about Noetitek™. Meanwhile, to respond to your question, one example would be: anger->aggression->self-preservation/perpetuation. While this line-up seems less than revelatory, the amazing thing is that these three sets of human factors: emotion, motivation, and foci of consciousness, compiled by leading experts working in separate fields of study, would correspond at all. That they do so, and in their entirety, is astounding. Among many other forms of validation, this is the kind of discovery that energized us throughout the many thousands of hours that we invested in the development of The Noetitek System™. Further, when one learns that these three datasets match-up not only with datasets of scientifically validated phenomena that serve as benchmarks, but also with sixty-odd additional datasets, there is no question that these are all correlative “languages” within a master language that we refer to as the Language of Nature, and which we understand as evidencing the existence of a primary energy spectrum known to mystics throughout the ages.

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