Noetitek Next-Action™

Noetitek™ Next-Action™ is a breakthrough that facilitates decision-making when the next logical step in any given pursuit is unclear and identifies the kind of energy needed to take that next step. This is a transpersonal tool that utilizes synchronicity, a kabbalistic matrix, and a set of rune-like stones. This process results in identification of a point in the matrix where an applicable “action concept” is found. Guided meditation then uses that concept to trigger images and feelings that help determine the next step. This is a unique methodological multiple hybrid of techniques that is useful on its own, or it can be used in conjunction with other Noetitek™ meta-tools. The result is always accurate and often very precise–e.g., the image of a place to go, the face of a person to contact, or a meaningful object.


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2 Responses to “Noetitek Next-Action™”

  1. The Donald Says:

    I’m confused. Does this tool describe “the energy needed,” an “action concept,” or some indicator that points in the direction of an answer? I don’t see how this works.

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    It’s a two-step process that begins with identifying an “action concept,” which is another way of saying “the kind of energy required.” The second step involves using that action concept together with various Noetitek™ tools to find the solution to the problem of “what to do next.” For example, the kind of energy required in a particular matter may be described as “positive expectancy” and then, depending on the further tools selected, the solution will bubble-up. The process involves interaction between client and consultant, which can be in person or via the internet. The methodology utilizes whole-brain processing, including principles of Quantum Psychology and ordinary logic.

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