Invention: The Intersectional Pyramid™

The Noetitek Process™ has been enhanced to include The Intersectional Pyramid™, a matrix reflecting thirty-six ways that the foundational Noetitek™ concepts can intersect to generate innovative ideas such as blue ocean business strategies, and to serve as a new troubleshooting method.



2 Responses to “Invention: The Intersectional Pyramid™”

  1. Stan Q. Says:

    Not long ago, I read the book The Medici Effect. It was my introduction to “intersectional thinking.” As I understand it, an example is the combining of chocolate and peanut butter to create the chocolate-encased “peanut butter cup.” What I don’t understand is what can be pyramidal about this concept.

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    The Noetitek Process™ is composed of a certain number of elements that include—symbolically, metaphorically, and tangibly—representations of the basic energetic or vibrational building blocks of everything from thoughts and feelings to the structure of material objects and business organizations. When we mapped out the matrix of these elements in terms of their intersections, we discovered that the map forms a pyramid design. In addition, we found that the “pyramid” itself makes a holistic statement about the intersections, which reveals a whole (pun intended) new approach to managing (troubleshooting) the total quality of anything. Exciting, right?

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