Nine-Dimensional Sphere™ Discovered

Noetitek™ led the discovery of a Nine Dimensional Sphere™ that, when overlaid on the traditional Seed of Life pattern, whose origin is prehistoric, results in a pattern called, The Living Seed™ pattern. It embodies a unique and higher harmony that displays a visual illusion of motion even when rendered as a two-dimensional diagram ―because life moves. This symbol remains open to further examination and experimentation, but it has already proven to function as a powerful mandala, especially when combined with other Noetitek™ tools. In addition, it serves as a mystical logo to mark the beginning of an age of higher consciousness.


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2 Responses to “Nine-Dimensional Sphere™ Discovered”

  1. Sara B. Says:

    I would love to see this pattern. I don’t suppose it’s available online.

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Not yet. We have been waiting for the right venue to unveil it publicly, after which a website will be devoted to it. We were planning to do that at the World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality in India last year, but circumstances conspired against us.

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