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Noetitek™ Identifies: The Ten Types of Believing

April 23, 2009

The question posed to PluribusOne™ was: “Is it valid to say that there are different types of believing? If so, how many types are there and what are they?” 

The question was important to this party because they were challenged to answer the question: “How do you know?” The question was raised by an adversary armed with authority to require thorough accounting for the making of an unpopular decision potentially affecting large numbers of people. To a considerable degree, the decision under scrutiny had been based on “informed intuition,” although various documentable facts and factors were considered. The question posed to us was intended to help serve in the development of a thorough and creative defense. The defending party’s ultimate desire was to turn the table by saying: “Here are all the logical reasons, along with our reasons for believing the decision was reasonable and right,” in a strong enough manner that it would effectively convey a demand to know: “How can you possibly believe otherwise?” In any case, the onus was on the adversary and judgment was to be rendered by a third party.

Because the Noetitek™ system reflects the full spectrum of Nature’s primary energies, the system was able to identify, define, and describe the full range of types as well as lists of subtypes and examples. What we found were ten basic types of believing. Because all decisions are based on some assumptions, the better the understanding of the levels and processes of believing, the better the decision-making process employed, and the better and more defensible the decision.

Here are three of the ten types that compose this powerful new tool: (1) I believe it because it serves my purpose, (2) I believe it because it makes me right and my opposition wrong, and (3) I believe it because others, in general, believe it too. The complete list and a thorough examination of each will be included in a book about Noetitek™.