Noetitek™ Discovery: the Origin of Christianity

In the spring of 2008, PluribusOne™ began a special project: the study of ancient houses of worship, beginning with an analysis of sites, architecture, and the interior artifacts of such structures in the Western world. The study began by casting a wide net and then focusing on the oldest, most enigmatic, and most information-rich sacred sites.  

The results of our study reveal the roots of early Christianity and footings of Western civilization.

We identified three unique houses of worship built centuries apart in time, the locations of which (in Italy, in the Holy Land, and in Egypt) are directly connected by a triangular pattern that appears intentional. Unmistakable connections are embedded in those structures. These evidentiary connections, which form a chain of hard evidence, are keys to the story of the evolution of Western spirituality as expressed through religious impulses and social processes. 

The knowledge preserved in those structures by certain philanthropic, wise, and visionary persons, for future eyes and understanding minds, is of the highest importance for those who seek today to shape a new and better world based on the wisdom of “unity in diversity.”


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5 Responses to “Noetitek™ Discovery: the Origin of Christianity”

  1. PeaceTrainer Says:

    You’re obviously withholding details, probably until the Noetitek book is published. It is also obvious that the roots you say you’ve found go back to Egypt and maybe beyond that. Please supply some detailed information about at least one of the sites.

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    We will share a few important details about one of the three sites which, as a group, show the evolution of Christianity from Egyptian roots.

    The site we are presenting now was a Christian chapel, or “secret school,” built in the early third century (about 230 CE), located in an ancient Jewish village named Kefar ‘Othnay (presently Megiddo Prison). Excavated in 2005, the carefully hidden and preserved mosaic floor of this 5 x 10 m gathering space displays, among many meaningful geometric design elements, a circle within which is the image of two fishes. The circle is surrounded by an octagon-framed design intended to create the illusion of three dimensions, such that the central image of the fishes appears raised. (Go to the menu for this blog and select Image File #1 to see a photo.)

    That striking image is clearly the zodiac symbol for Pisces and the then nascent Piscean Age, which makes it equally clear that these Christians who preceded the establishment of Christianity as an official religion were carrying forth core teachings of predecessors typically referred to, in our time, as pagans. That the structure was built at Meggido indicates that these Christians, some of whom were apparently Roman soldiers, were likely students of the Book of Revelation and its vision of Armageddon.

    A 59-page book about the archeological discovery, including illustrations and photographs, has been published by the Israel Antiquities Authority and is available to the public. It can be ordered online at:

  3. Stark Raven Says:

    Even if this discovery of yours proves Christianity has hidden roots in Egyptian pantheism, why would it be “…of the highest importance for those who seek today to shape a new and better world based on the wisdom of unity in diversity”?

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:


    My discovery supports what may be seen as a “pantheistic reconciling” of the basic conflict between monotheism and polytheism, a respectful synergizing without ecumenical synthesizing or culture-killing homogenizing. Reconciliation (a higher expression of the religious impulse of humankind) is necessary in order to build the kind of bridges of brotherhood/sisterhood and cooperation that can eliminate the presently dominating spirit of separation, competition, and demolition and thereby foster harmony among the various cultures and their traditions in the East as well as West. The discovery is well evidenced and makes sense when examined with an open mind.

    What I found is a trail of signs and symbols embedded at three sacred sites that, when studied together, tell an exciting story about the evolution of Christianity and Western civilization from ancient Egyptian roots. For many years I have felt that there is a way to reconcile monotheism and polytheism without compromising either perspective. The evidence presented by the combined study of these three sites opens the door to that reconciling and invites the building of bridges to connect all religions to one central/shared Island of Truth.

    Any vision of harmony among all cultures is admittedly radical and idealistic, but this one is also rational and viable. When I ponder the accomplishments of individuals such as Jesus, Mohammed, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Sri Aurobindo, and many others, I feel certain that a relatively small group from diverse backgrounds around the world, working together with a common vision and plan, could begin the process of creating a civilization worth extending into space.

    Many have had this desire over the ages: artists, science fiction writers, nation-building royals, spiritual philosophers, nonsectarian esotericists, and so on—those who glimpsed or attained “cosmic” consciousness. What has been lacking is a nature-based systematic approach and universally applicable mind-expansion tools. Noetitek™ is that approach and provides those tools.


  5. Stan Q. Says:

    You may be interested to know that a book titled Grimoires: A History of Magic Books, was just released by Oxford University Press. The book was written by Owen Davis, Professor of Social History at the University of Hertfordshire. It appears to support your findings.

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