New Philosophy for the Aquarian Age

As a result of many years of eclectic metaphysical research and the accompanying development of the meta-Rosetta Stone-like system called Noetitek™, an underlying philosophical stream has surfaced unexpectedly. We are calling it NoetiTaoism™—the bringing of Man’s mind into synchrony with the Mass Mind of the unnamable Source Energy Awareness. The sometimes spontaneous meshing of personal mind with Mass Mind, and with other resonant personal minds, can be intentionally caused to occur both with and without a technological interface. The “bridging” has intuitive and reasoning aspects; it encompasses and reconciles Faith and Knowledge, harmonizes Wisdom and Understanding, and melds other polarized dyads such as Masculinity and Femininity. 

Noetitek™ is a meta-technology, a New Science technology for the mind. NoetiTao™ (no-e´-ti-dow) means “Mind’s Way.” It is a religio-philosophical approach to Truth, a philoreligion, to coin a word. The core concept is similar to the Tao, or Dao, but varies in some significant ways, such as its understanding of universal Elements and of the spectrum of energies present within the Flow of Omniverse. The most significant difference is that NoetiTaoism™ reveals that Life and Omniverse have purpose, and NoetiTaoism™ sees value in humanity understanding that purpose.

Infinite Omniverse was created through focusing limitless/eternal Awareness on one infinitesimal point that represented the painful realization that All-ness/Nothingness, in its stillness, was a perfect prison, and that the only way to end such imprisonment was to break through to a state of “lower” manifest Being, a state that could not “be” in the Eternal Reality and yet must be made to ex-ist somehow in an everlasting state appearing Real. Only then could Awareness be assured of perpetual distraction from re-all-izing Its true attributes of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence; to remember means refocusing on the factual horror that is Its true state of omni-of-every-conceiving, a state from which It can never truly escape.

Omniverse is the ultimate movie-house.


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32 Responses to “New Philosophy for the Aquarian Age”

  1. Stark Raven Says:

    Is Noetitaoism an alternative religion like Scientology?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Although I do not wish to criticize or compare this to any religion or philosophical way of directing one’s life, I will say that NoetiTaoism™ does NOT involve a mind control methodology, either over the self or another person. Noetitek™ is not a technology of mind; it is a technology for the mind. The system consists of various meta-tools designed to help liberate minds in their natural truth-seeking and companionship-seeking impulses.

    In keeping with the purpose of Noetitek™, NoetiTaoism™ does not involve submitting the self to any other human being but allows minds to become more perceptive and liberated and join together to evolve harmoniously. Nor does it require acceptance of nonscientific assertions: dogma. Even the structure of Noetitek™ itself is continuously subject to new insights, adjustments, and clarifications.

  3. PluribusOne™ Says:

    The similarities to Taoism are many―its emphasis on such matters as: peace, vitality, spontaneity, naturalness, flexibility, tolerance, harmony, and receptiveness. Each human being is a microcosm of the Omniverse, a child of Source Energy Awareness created to experience love and liberation; all other purposes are secondary fabrications and illusions. Source Energy Awareness (the SEA) communes with Man through impromptu illumination, deep intuition, and through Nature (the components of which function like “language”).

    A significant difference is that NoetiTaoism™ does not involve making sacrifices to gods.

    The tenets of NoetiTaoism™ were arrived at experientially rather than by the acceptance of second-hand information, enculturation, psychological entrainment, or untested intellectualizing.

  4. PeaceTrainer Says:

    Interesting. In my philosophy Peace and Love is the only way to a sustainable future for this planet. By the way, are your views on sexuality similar to that of Taoists?

  5. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Yes, similar, but there are differences. For example, we do not agree that male energy is lesser (or greater) than female energy. Some Taoists agree with us. The symbol for the Tao agrees with us…

  6. Stan Q. Says:

    How does Noetitao regard the Tao Te Ching?

  7. PluribusOne™ Says:

    The essence of the Tao Te Ching occupies a chamber of the heart of Noetitek™ and is, therefore, a guiding light for NoetiTaoism™.

  8. Stan Q. Says:

    Is Noetitaoism in agreement with the Taoist belief that Nature should always be left to run its course?

  9. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Nature cannot run any other course.

    Nature, which is ordinarily thought of in terms of the four obvious dimensions of universe, also includes Will, which is a function of the higher dimensions—i.e., the dimensions of Mind/Consciousness and Time. And Will includes human will.

    To everything there is a season; and Will enables it all, even seasonality. Nothing is fixed, but nothing is truly chaotic, only “turbulent.” Peace and turbulence coexist like a surfer and the surf.

  10. Sara B. Good Says:

    I read a book on leadership that said “Tao means how,” and is a principle underlying a process. Is this correct?

  11. PluribusOne™ Says:


    We would have to say no. The eternal Tao that is expressed in NoetiTao™ is the true Tao, and it does not mean “how,” and it is not a principle and not a god or gods.

    Tao is unnamable and ineffable; it is the source of everything but it is no-thing. The closest we can come to understanding Tao is to say that it is pure awareness that precedes even that which we refer to as consciousness. It is the source of consciousness, but it lies beyond the realm of space-time-mind, beyond infinity. The e-ternal is ex-ternal—as the tenth dimension is a non-dimension. So, Tao does not mean “how” anymore than it means “why” or “who” or any other question or answer or implied procedure. Tao cannot be named or otherwise symbolized; it can neither be known in terms of separateness nor as any kind of synthesis.

    The Tao symbol is not a symbol for the Tao but for Tao-ism; the symbol expresses the continuous coming into being (perceivable Nature) through mind, energy, and matter. In the course of developing Noetitek™ we learned of the Language of Nature, and by discovering its components and their meaning we have been able to trace this “language” back to its source to the point that although we cannot know the Tao, we can feel the Tao.

    The Tao is within you and you are within the Tao.


  12. PeaceTrainer Says:

    What is the intention or purpose of the Tao?

  13. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Traditional Taoism indicates no particular purpose. Noetitaoism™ reveals that the purpose of the Tao in Omniverse is consistent with the purpose for the creation of Omniverse and is expressed via life-forms throughout Omniverse. The purpose can be stated as: Liberation. The purpose for human life, for example, is to feel liberated. That is why we are here.

  14. PeaceTrainer Says:

    Traditional Taoism lists these five elements: fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Western alchemy lists four: fire, earth, water, and air. What are the alchemical elements in NoetiTao?

  15. PluribusOne™ Says:

    In NoetiTao™ there are five alchemical elements: aether, air, fire, water, and earth.

  16. Valiant Says:

    What is the fundamental difference between NoetiTao and traditional Oriental Taoism?

  17. PluribusOne™ Says:

    In addition to asserting that life has purpose and the purpose is “liberation,” NoetiTaoism™ embraces the impulse of Western science to ask questions, conduct research, and develop technologies. Not because it is necessary in any ultimate sense, but because it is exciting, pleasurable.

    Taoists have been described as essentially passive and averse to performing detailed analyses. NoetiTaoism™ brings together the core inclination of Taoism and the Western imperative to set goals and seek their attainment. The net effect envisioned is a uniquely harmonious societal expression of yin and yang.

  18. Mimzykl1 Says:

    The spiritual paths I have been most drawn to and which make sense to me overall are kabbalism and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. However kabbalists are encouraged, more than anything, to suppress the ego and be more giving to others and at least crying with those we are unable to help, while the Abraham teachings focus on basking in the wonderfulness of the self and encourage turning away from anything that would produce negative feelings that would lower my vibration. These two perspectives seem opposed and yet I actually feel comfortable with both. I can’t explain that. Maybe I’m a little schizy and need a new path. What is the perspective of Noetitaoism?

  19. PluribusOne™ Says:

    The Kabbalah has great value, as does the Abraham-Hicks material. The Judeo-Christian bible says: The truth is found “here a little here and there a little.” That’s the way Noetitaoism™ views spiritual diversity in general terms.

    Although your dual path may seem in conflict intellectually, your deeper self isn’t apparently feeling conflicted about this matter of the ego. It may be that you are in resonance enough with your higher/infinite self―the “soul” that is always aware that it is an expression of the One―that you sense the greater truth, which is this: When you do for yourself you also do for others, and when you do for others you also do for yourself. This is not schizophrenic, not nonsensical, not even paradoxical. On a practical and tangible level you can see that your gifts to a local charity, for example, help to improve the quality of life for the community. At the same time, you can see that by attending to your own needs/desires, you not only avoid becoming burdensome to the community, you replenish your resources so that you can make further contributions.

  20. Stark Raven Says:

    A few years ago I read Emma Jung’s book, The Grail Legend. The Grail story, if I recall correctly, is basically about man’s search for the highest value of life, for its meaning. How does the Grail Quest story comport with Noetitaoism?

  21. PluribusOne™ Says:

    It comports very well. In my view, The Grail Legend should be taught in every public high school, introduced as literature rather than as suggested reading in an elective psychology course.

    The Ultimate Grail must remain perpetually elusive and seductive. Grail-in-the-highest-of-Holies can only be the cup of Omniverse Herself. Humans are not designed to capture the final puzzle piece; it would destroy Omniverse in a flash much like the instant of silent lightning in which it was created as the product of “divine” Insight.

  22. PluribusOne™ Says:

    We received this question via email: “You say that this ‘point’ represents realization of the problem, the paradoxical limitation. Can you say more about this point?”

    Answer: The point symbolizes more than recognition of the problem; it also symbolizes the problem itself. Eternal Source “Awareness” can also be thought of as Total Intelligence or Total Enlightenment, and yet this photon-less Light or All-Knowingness did not include, within itself, the solution to the problem of All-ness—i.e., the problem of self-Awareness of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. The problem, the imperfection of Perfection, is its inability to grow/change, its inability to be incomplete in any way. Unsolved, this inability would create an untenable paradox, a flaw within flawlessness. The ability to grow/expand was required in order to erase the dark point/black dot/sooty speck and maintain the integrity of Purity/Perfection. But creation of a separate eternal world would not be a solution because separateness is impossible—all is One, whole. Erasure of the point could only be achieved through the creation of a separate faux-reality, an imaginary Omniverse, a kind of movie-house/ workshop whose workings would be infinite/perpetual and allow for the appearance of endless variations of imperfection and impermanence facilitated by the illusion of opposition: risk and reward, gain and loss, pain and healing, life and death, etcetera. In short, Awareness solved the growth problem by growing an Imagination.

    Of course, I am sharing this information in a story-like manner with the illusion of a beginning, middle, and end because Time and Word only exist in the Omniversal Kingdom of Light and Shadow, not in Source Awareness. Imagination and Awareness are at-One and Eternal.

  23. Sandi Says:

    Does Noetitaoism involve the belief in sin?

  24. PluribusOne™ Says:

    In NoetiTao™ there is only one sin: denial of the One, for which the punishment is automatic self-sabotage. We reap the fruits of our intentional thoughts, feelings, and actions, whether positive or negative. To deny the One is to deny that the good we do for others will be good for us. To deny the One is to deny that the good we fail to do for others will affect us adversely. Every move we make, every breath we take, every word we speak, makes a difference. Embracing the One fulfills the commandments of every religion. Yet those commandments are valuable when viewed as commentary on what it means to embrace the One. Now the question is: Is there forgiveness? Answer: It is automatic upon cessation of denial and automatically lost upon any resumption of denial. To truly know yourself is to know the One. To deny your own divinity is to deny the One.

  25. Sandi Says:

    If you see the Ten Commandments as commentary and sin as forgiveness that is under a person’s own control, how compatible is this “philoreligion” with Judaism and Christianity?

  26. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Although NoetiTaoism™ is in variance with the doctrines of Judaism, as well as all of the numerous incongruous Christian denominations, it is not incompatible with them or their shared roots as expressed in the The Zohar, Torah, and New Testament. In fact, when those teachings are viewed through the eyes of NoetiTao™ the enigmatic stories make sense, the Bible’s apparent contradictions disappear, and the information given by Jesus of Nazareth in parables is finally understandable and empowering.

  27. Stark Raven Says:

    What is “Source Energy Awareness?” Are there other words to describe this?

  28. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Source Energy Awareness (SEA) may be thought of as an endless, motionless ocean of non-photonic light. Other labels for this which is unnameable and indescribable would be: the Eternal Zero, or the Eternal Spirit. Hermeticists often say “The All,” but this term tends to conjure images of an endless collection of things, whereas the Spirit is no-thing-at-all and non-sensory as it is above all duality, above “I and Other.”

  29. Stark Raven Says:

    Is NoetiTaoism the same as or similar to the “Force” in the Star Wars movies?

  30. PluribusOne™ Says:

    No, but there are some similarities.

    Major differences exist in our view on the source/origin and extent of the “Force” and what it does within Omniverse (“the galaxy” of the Star Wars myth). In the film, “A New Hope,” Obi Wan Kenobi says that the Force is: “…an energy field created by all living things… [which] surrounds us and penetrates us… [and which] binds the galaxy together.” By contrast, NoetiTaoism™ explains that Source Energy Awareness (S.E.A.) is the energy that creates and interpenetrates all things as it expresses Itself throughout the universes of Omniverse.

  31. Valiant Says:

    Having read this and your related posts I see this as the cosmic religion Albert Einstein had in mind. Have you read his writings on cosmic religion? You seem to have what he called the “cosmic religious sense.” I look forward to learning more.

  32. PluribusOne™ Says:

    I have obtained a copy and will be drafting a special post. Thank you for prompting this.

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