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Question Matrix™ – I Ching Intersection

June 29, 2009

In the post: “Matrix of Essential Questions™” we briefly mentioned our discovery some years ago that led us to create a set of essential/core questions that can help any person or organization become unstuck through actions enabled by the awareness of issues often unknown or unacknowledged previously. The questions were formulated through a unique synthesis of the meaning of each category of the Noetitek™ database. The database, developed over the past eighteen years, reflects the full spectrum of creational energies operative in Nature and is designed to support the goals of the New Science of Enhanced Human Perception™, a PluribusOne™ initiative. 

Recognizing Dr. Carl Jung’s veneration of the I Ching, which is similarly grounded in the primal matrix of Omniverse, PluribusOne™ has recently included the use of that ancient system of hexagrams in a new Matrix Questioning™ process. This is an exciting new application of Noetitek™ and expression of NoetiTaoism™ because now The Matrix of Essential Questions™ increases the efficacy of the I Ching by making Oriental mysticism more practical, while the I Ching provides guidance in applying Question Matrix™ results. In other words, the new Matrix Questioning™ process focuses the use of I Ching, and each of these transpersonal tools refines the understanding of results generated by the other. This “golden intersection” produces higher quality guidance for decision making and action planning. 

The net effect of this intersection is like taking an already high performance automobile engine and adding a supercharger. Contact and take a joy ride.