New View on Evolution

Evolution is a fact; descent (or ascent) and modification occurs. The question is: What explains the changes in biological organisms over time? 

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution envisions an undirected process of the creation and modification of life-forms due to random genetic mutation. Accordingly, beneficial/adaptive mutations are preserved according to “natural selection,” in other words, because they aid survival—“survival of the fittest.” With subsequent discoveries in the field of genetics, this theory has been modified, to the point where leading biologists have declared it a dead idea regarding major evolutionary changes. 

The Noetitek System™ yields the answer: Operating through three dimensions of Omniverse (see the earlier post: “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory”), Consciousness created a wide range of known and unknown life-forms that facilitate various emotional, cognitive, and sensory experiences. Based on experiential feedback, Consciousness makes deliberate changes to adjust its experience. Sometimes Consciousness abandons less satisfactory forms, and sometimes it retains them while adding new contemporaneous versions. Each version typically includes a range of tentative designs that may be sorted out or synthesized based on Its desire/intention.

This new material does not negate anything in our earlier post titled: “Evolving Beyond Darwin.” The principles mentioned there are employed by Consciousness, and morphic resonance, or something like it, still appears to be the mechanism for manifestation.


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8 Responses to “New View on Evolution”

  1. PeaceTrainer Says:

    I take it that you don’t subscribe to the theory that life on earth has been genetically engineered or manipulated by extraterrestrials. There have been some good arguments, I think, supporting the idea of alien intervention.

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    I do not discount the possibility that more highly evolved creatures from elsewhere might have played a role in genetically engineering life-forms on this planet. But, then, how did the first bunch of space traveling ET-geneticists reach THEIR level of evolution?

    Consider the possibility that present-day Earth humans are part of an experiment by Collective Consciousness as it has been exploring its local preferences through a wide spectrum of physical “containers” over millions of years. It’s easy to see the differences between earlier humanoid designs and the architecture of Homo sapiens and recognize the fact that there has been some kind of evolutionary process at work. Now look at the four races of humans presently on this planet and consider that the variations of color, body type, mental ability, emotional composition, sexual inclination, and social behavior may be part of the current stage of experimentation toward making the next round of adjustments. What might the Collective morphogenetic field developers decide to do with the last 200,000 years or so of input via billions of human experiences? Based on medical statistics, the design of the lower lumbar area of the spine still needs work…

  3. Valiant Says:

    Natural Selection, which most biologists still basically accept, makes sense to me as opposed to your conclusion that Consciousness is somehow carrying out an eons-long experiment based on something other than survival.

    In a nutshell, Natural Selection works on an organism’s observable traits such as eye color, which change through adaptive changes in the genetic material that guides the adaptation process so that the species has an ever-increasingly better chance of survival. Advantageous characteristics (traits that support success in reproducing, first of all) become dominant in the genetic composition of the species.

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:


    In theory, that sounds entirely plausible, especially when based on a larger assumption that the universe and its contents came into being through a mindless explosion, and that life is the result of some cosmic traffic accident. The belief in Natural Selection is logical in that case, but even so it falls apart pretty quickly after you get past the basic doctrine and take a closer look at what some followers of neo-Darwinism call the “bizarre facts” of biology, “facts” that are bizarre only because the underlying assumptions about Consciousness and Evolution are misguided.

    Your belief is that the evolutionary process is designed (or has somehow designed itself) to promote the survival of the fittest by making adaptive changes in physical formation through changes in genetic attributes so that some traits become dominant over others. However, if you look at a textbook chart of the dominant and recessive traits for humans, you’ll run into one of those “bizarre facts.” Because ALL of the dominant traits for the design of human appendages are rarely seen, and when they do appear they are considered genetic disorders. Here’s the list: clubbed thumb, limb dwarfing, fingers or toes lacking a joint, short fingers or toes, fused fingers or toes, double-jointedness, and extra fingers or toes. Limited usefulness might be argued only for the latter two.

    Is the evolutionary process guided by logical and uniform rulemaking? No. Is it entirely illogical and random or substantially random? No. What we see playing out in the evolution of life-forms is exactly what you would expect to see when a conscious, intelligent, emotion-endowed entity seeks broad-based experiences-in-form for reasons other than mere survival. The imperative is creative expression—experimentation.


  5. Valiant Says:

    Alan, I find your thinking intriguing but still think that unless there are observable changes to the human being, there is no evidence for the idea that consciousness is doing experiments as you claim, certainly no evidence that a person like me, schooled in the mainstream view of natural selection, would find acceptable.

  6. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Actually, scientists schooled in the concept of “natural selection” have made exactly the sort of discoveries that support my findings and conclusion.

    Researchers have uncovered evidence in the human genome of not only at least 2,000 genetic changes in the last 10,000 years, but also of the fact that the rate of change has been increasing faster than ever in the history of the human form. Most of the changes are not readily observable: changes in bones, sperm production, brain structure, immune system, digestive system, and so on. And, as this flow of change continues, the idea that Consciousness is expressing itself intentionally and creatively is aided by the fact that the changes scientists discovered show special treatment according to racial grouping—i.e., each race of humanity is becoming more unique as it advances rather than blending into one set of proven-best-for-the-species adaptive mutations, as adherents to the doctrine of natural selection might have expected.

    For an eye-opener, see the March, 2009 Discover magazine article: “Are We Still Evolving?”

  7. Stan Q. Says:

    I am reading a recently published book titled Nature’s IQ by Istvan Tasi and Balaz Hornyansky. In this book the authors show that living things cannot evolve by Darwinian natural selection but that changes must be somehow arranged by a higher intelligence. They draw upon the ancient Vedic philosophy which says a “Supersoul” inhabits all living things. It seems to me that his excellent proofs for intelligent design would do equally well in serving to support your theory.

  8. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Thank you, Stan. We will add a copy of that to our library.

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