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Da Vinci Code “Evidence” Debunked

July 10, 2009

Dan Brown’s fiction novel and blockbuster film, The Da Vinci Code, gained a cult-like following. Many believed the story to be based on historical facts, on a truth occulted from the public for two thousand years by the Church as well as by members of a secret society, including Leonardo da Vinci. The central secret of the fantastic tale is that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and that they had a child and further descendents who continued their ancient royal bloodlines, presumably down to today. 

The chief real-world evidence and anchor for believers is Leonardo’s painting: The Last Supper. They point to the absence of a chalice together with the presence of a female figure at Jesus’ side as having been Leonardo’s way of revealing the truth. Numerous literary critics and others have condemned Dan Brown’s story for various reasons, but no one, until now, has debunked the use of the painting as proof. 

The presence of a chalice at the table would have represented a traditional offering to Elijah. In Old Testament prophecy, Elijah was to return before the Messiah would emerge. The absent chalice symbolized that Elijah had, in fact, returned to support Jesus as the Messiah, as stated in the New Testament. The absent chalice, therefore, does not shift any “grail cup” symbolism to the apparent female seated next to Jesus. As to the idea that Leonardo rendered one of the disciples as a female in order to reveal a Templar-guarded secret, a study of earlier and later paintings of the Last Supper indicates otherwise. She was a common element.

If there is any truth to the Gnostic idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene produced a royal bloodline in Europe, the evidence is not found in Dan Brown’s thought-provoking and entertaining work.