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Consciousness as Substance

August 23, 2009

Three of the nine dimensions of Omniverse are dimensions of Consciousness (see our post: “Multidimensionality and ‘Turbulence Theory’”). The question has been posed: Are these three dimensions represented by some kind of ‘stuff,’ like the other six, or is consciousness more akin to emptiness? Our answer: “Everything this side of Creation has substance—nothingness has no place in the realm of Omniverse.” A strong statement, one for which we have recent scientific evidence. 

Four years ago, an atypical burst of gamma radiation from a galaxy astronomers call Markarian 501 was detected by a gamma-imaging telescope in the Canary Islands. The strange thing was that lower-energy photons were arriving whole minutes sooner than higher-energy photons, impossible in Einstein’s conceptualizing of space-time. A recent magazine article (New Scientist, 5 August 2009, p. 26) acknowledges that this event may be evidence that Einstein erred, that the fabric of space-time, which he presumed smooth, may be “…rough, turbulent…” (emphasis ours). That cover-story article, by Anil Ananthaswamy, discusses possible explanations for delayed photons, including the idea that something material slows them—i.e., empty space might be filled with particles that account for the slowdowns. 

Does an analysis of Markarian 501’s periodic outbursts compel us to support String Theory? No. Does the event support Turbulence Theory, our theory of a multidimensional space-time-mind structure? Yes. The three-dimensional fabric of Consciousness, invisible to human eyes, fills the “emptiness” of space-time, including the “emptiness” inside every atom. And, by definition, it has a mind of its own.