Saturn Myth as Allegory

Saturn mythology is an allegory for the core of the Creation process, a description of the actions and interaction of those dimensions of Omniverse which transform the intentions of Consciousness into energy fields to produce material Reality (see our related post: “Multidimensionality and ‘Turbulence Theory’”). Mythology surrounding other planets reveals the roles of other dimensions.

Discovering this amazing parallel to our map of the dimensions is, at least for us, a breakthrough as significant as the recognition by ancient mystics that the kabbalistic tale of the Exodus of a “mixed multitude” from out of Egypt—whether historical or contrived—is the story of a higher Truth: the way to freedom and empowerment for all souls. 

The Saturn myth allows us to better grasp the mechanics of the process through which Consciousness employs Time as the tri-part bridge to physical Reality and as its eraser of all things material while simultaneously constructing a permanent collection of memories (“Akashic” records). This was not clear to us earlier due to the fact that the mythology which centers on planet Saturn has evolved through a number of cultures over thousands of years. 

Although we had completed our mapping of multidimensionality, this discovery delivered an unexpected synchronistic confirmation that we have it right. The remainder of the challenge is to interpret it all in language that speaks to astrophysicists.


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2 Responses to “Saturn Myth as Allegory”

  1. Mimzykl1 Says:

    The book I am reading by Ervin Laszlo discusses the zero-point field and mentions Akashic records. Do these things match with the dimension corresponding to Saturn mythology?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Actually, no. The “zero-point field” concept is not synonymous or synchronous with the idea of Akashic Records and neither one is synonymous with the Saturnian dimension. Of course the three dimensions to which these things relate interact systematically and continuously.

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