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Global Economic Solution

September 18, 2009

Economics is the science that studies human behavior regarding the pursuit and management of resources toward the satisfaction of countless desires. But, it’s much more—economic issues are uppermost in modern minds. While all other matters receive varying degrees of attention, you can count on it going wherever money is flowing (or should be). Other values are addressed, but cash value is the planet-wide acid test. 

As we said in a comment on an earlier post: “Noetitek™ on Global Economic Development,” charting a course toward meeting today’s economic challenge calls for a transformation of Consciousness. In posts related to multidimensionality, we discuss our Noetitek™-assisted finding that Consciousness has three dimensions. The highest one, “farthest” from the most humanly tangible stuff of terra firma, is actually the hardest; it is, in fact, the tetrahedral meta-rock upon which Omniverse is constructed. By comparison, the most tangible Earthly material we know is less than sand. So guess where the real power is found; it’s not the monetary system, not the world of Earthly supply-and-demand-driven economies. The seat of power is that uppermost room, the function of which is Ideation.

How did this become secret? The problem is that keepers of the better insights have never been, let’s say, the most popular souls on the planet. In fact, they have a habit of being murdered: crucified, “sent to the sword,” stoned, hanged, drowned, “burned at the stake”, blown-up, gunned-down, etcetera. Some are fortunate enough to suffer only humiliation, imprisonment, and the sight of their books burning. Others, understandably, have been reluctant to promote their clear visions, realizing that believers in “lack” have indelible faith, functioning at low neurological levels yet managing to make gains in both seasons of famine and feast. Why would they quit a profitable game? 

Wisdom is Beauty, and the beauty of pain is that it alerts us to a wound. The painful global economic condition is a wake-up call. The solution is in our hands, but it does not require anyone to take action to remove political figures, attend a different church, or move money off-shore. It only requires a critical-mass number of people to take a little time each day to visit a very quiet place where a peaceful moment can be experienced during which a thought can be planted like a seed. The thought is: Liberation for all in every way. Consciousness will respond; its highest level is causal, its power is unlimited, and its supply is endless. Prosperity will manifest as never before.

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