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Beyond Descartes’ Secret

November 21, 2009

It is known that René Descartes had a secret notebook and that mathematician and fellow Rosicrucian, Gottfried Leibniz, using his knowledge and unique personal skills, found the key that unlocked Descartes’ secret and then cloaked it again until Pierre Costabel rediscovered and revealed it in 1987. The secret involved Platonic Solids, the set of five special geometric objects known as regular polyhedrons that can be inscribed inside a sphere with all vertices touching the sphere’s inner surface. 

The secret, apparently known only by initiated Rosicrucians prior to 1987, was that, with any and every polyhedron, when the number of its faces is added to the number of its vertices, and the number of its edges is subtracted from that sum, the answer is always two: F+V–E=2, a “topological invariant” and a revelation about the space aspect of reality. But, until now, an even deeper and more profound truth—embedded in the structure of Platonic Solids and more—has remained either undiscovered or concealed. 

Noetitek™ has facilitated a breakthrough that parallels our earlier discovery of the numerical evidence supporting our “Theory of Everything” (see the separate post). Although PluribusOne™ is not revealing details at this time, we are announcing our discovery of a second proof of Omniversal unity—the Oneness of the origin and infinitude of Omniverse. To summarize this latest finding and its significance, PluribusOne™ states: “An extended set of primary solids, including all Platonic Solids, contains within its aggregate geometry the key to understanding containment of mind/spirit in matter.”