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The NoetiTao™ of Music

December 27, 2009

In the hierarchy of musical vibration—emergent from the Void’s silence of balance—there is first of all an essential cosmic harmony, an endless score that invokes timeless dance among all elements of Omniverse. 

Secondarily, there is the music of Time, the music of the ebb and flow of Life, the music that corresponds to the fluctuations of energy from the birthing of ideas to the fruition that marks their release through motion and materialization—from vibratory formulation into temporal form. 

Finally, there is the music that resonates through musical instruments as well as unintended sound-conducive human and natural constructs, notes audible to humans that “ground” the weavings of inspiration and intellect with tangible workings within the physical world. 

In NoetiTaoism™, music—associated equally with cause and effect—is a qualitative measure and affirmation of Life.