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Special Report: Diabetes is Curable

January 31, 2010

This post marks our 100th for the first year of this blog. The blog was begun because the introduction of something radically new, such as Noetitek™, requires demonstrations of validity. Every one of PluribusOne™’s posts serves that agenda, while the right-hand side of the blog provides other information, as you can see. As the hundredth, this post will serve a special purpose that goes beyond the mission to promote our wares. As the owner of PluribusOne™ my intention with this post is to supply—as a public service—living proof that diabetes (type 2), which is harming millions of people worldwide, in terms of lifespan, quality of life, and medical expense, is completely curable. 

Although necessarily longer than other posts, what follows is a brief overview of how I cured myself of type 2 diabetes. 

About six years ago I was diagnosed as having diabetes, including related complications such as neuropathy and cardiovascular abnormalities. When I challenged the diagnosis, I was retested and the diagnosis was confirmed. The test is called an A1C and my results indicated an average glucose level more than three times what it should have been. I was told that this disease is incurable. I was also told that, although it could be controlled by oral medication at first, I would eventually require daily and then more frequent insulin injections over the next ten to twelve years, the maximum that I should expect to live, based on my genetic history and medical science statistics. Because my father had died of cardiovascular complications caused by type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes, I resolved to find a cure. At the same time, it seemed wise to immediately avail myself of all resources available through the traditional (allopathic) medical practitioners. 

In tandem with scheduling the first round of appointments with a host of specialists, beginning with a dietitian and a podiatrist, I began seeking a cure that would not require prescription drugs, surgery, or periodic therapy of any kind. The most amazing thing is that I actually discovered that cure in one day, and by the end of ninety days I was able to stop taking the oral medication (glyburide). Within one year, my A1C results were lower than the average non-diabetic. My neuropathy retreated entirely, and intensive cardio-vascular testing showed that my heart was entirely healthy and there was no plaque in my blood vessels! Needless to say, the doctors were stunned. Although none would say I was cured, all had to admit that I was free of the signs and symptoms. Is that not what cured means? And, while the cost of medical treatments in that short time had exceeded $12,000 (according to my health insurer), the cost of the cure was about $500, which was less than I had paid in co-payments for medical services. 

How was I able to cure my diabetes? It did not involve any exercising. In fact, my doctor advised me to not exercise at that point, fearing it would trigger a heart-attack. The cure addressed what I concluded is the real cause of type 2 diabetes, which is this: poorly nourished body cells. Although I was overweight, I was undernourished due to blockage in the “delivery system” caused by trans-fats and, ironically, exacerbated by a low-fat diet that was excluding the ingestion of healthy fats and oils the body needs in order to deliver nutrients to the cells. Without proper nutrition, the (insulin-resistant) cells are constantly crying out for more, which translates to hunger that leads to over-eating, high glucose levels, increased body fat, and type 2 diabetes. In short, I changed my diet, lost weight, created a set of recipes for healthy meals unavailable in any pre-packaging or restaurants that I know, and took sixty different food supplements a day—vitamins, minerals, as well as certain herbs—in high “therapeutic” dosages at first and then tapering off to normal dosages and eventually eliminating many. 

At this point I see type 2 diabetes in the same way that I see the common cold. If you have a cold and the symptoms eventually disappear, that cold is cured. However, without following a personal prescription for wellness—including a healthy diet, exercise, and immune system support—you can catch another cold, or suffer the return of diabetes and the host of related complications. 

PluribusOne™ is not licensed to practice medicine. Because of this, we have been advised to not share details about the supplements we used and to not endorse any particular resources. Nor can we offer services or products that claim to cure diabetes. We can and do encourage sensible use of the services of qualified medical doctors, and we discourage self-diagnosis (although A1C test kits are available at most pharmacies).