Selective Quantum Disentanglement™ (SQD)

The fundamental structure of macrocosmic Omniverse is tripartite: Consciousness, Time, and Space, and the human entity is a microcosm within that all-ness—“As within, so without,” to put it in Hermetic terms. Every person has a corresponding structure: Mind (non-mortal “be-ing”), Spirit (alchemical etheric configuration), and Body (physical emergence). That structure is expressed through the processes of: thinking, feeling, and moving. 

The causes of all effects are rooted in Consciousness. 

A relatively new field of science, called Applied Kinesiology, involves utilizing “body knowledge” to test reality. By employing simple techniques that almost anyone can learn, “muscle testing” can be performed in such a way that any question broken down in a series of yes-or-no questions, can be answered definitively with respect to that individual, and often beyond that individual (via “quantum entanglement”). Strength in the muscle tested indicates a positive response, and weakness in the muscle indicates a negative response. Muscle testing can tell you what you believe is true, and whatever you (and likeminded people) believe is what you (and they) experience. 

Some proponents of Applied Kinesiology have established protocols for performing muscle testing; some employ tools developed long ago, such as pendulums and dowsing rods that serve as cybernetic extensions of our mind-driven musculature. In the hands of naturally attuned or trained individuals, these technologies, and others called radionic and psychotronic, serve to help channel the force of imagination, intent, and creation. 

“Ideomotor response” is a concept called on by some psychologists who seek to debunk Applied Kinesiology. However, ideomotor (or “mind-body”) response—the response of musculature to unconscious expectation—actually provides further evidence for the larger truth: that the reality a person experiences is always and continuously the creation of his or her imagination, as carried forth by his or her core intention (belief) that shapes expectations. “Mind-body response” operates both unconsciously (involuntarily) and consciously (volitionally). Every phenomenon that manifests in the physical world begins in the higher dimensions of Consciousness. 

The issue is not whether our bodies are controlled by conscious or automatic aspects of mind working through corresponding aspects of the nervous system; that much is a biopsychological given. The issue is: how to guard and gain more unimpeded control of our belief system—our personal expectations—so that we can know and adjust what is true for us, so we can rule over our physical health and well-being, so we can harvest the positive fruits of our inspired thoughts rather than reap the negative fallout of fear-induced imaginings and uninspired motivation. 

The difficult hurtle for most of us lies in overcoming the influence of other minds—in neutralizing disruptive aspects of quantum entanglement. Because, on a high level, humanity shares a collective consciousness that can operate like paradigm-police attacking any ideation that violates the consensus. To override “paradigm prohibitions,” PluribusOne™ has developed an SQD protocol to selectively disable the effects of quantum entanglement. Email us for more information.

 [See also our posts: “Inverse Psychology™” and “Multidimensionality and ‘Turbulence Theory’.”]


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