A Real Dream

It is difficult to impart new information about the Nature of Reality and its structure because people generally think they already have a pretty good understanding of the “real world.” This is why, although the science of Quantum Physics is well advanced, many physicists remain stuck in the Newtonian vision of reality—and, more so, the average person, no matter how well schooled. For better or worse, we all form habits of thinking and perceiving. 

It is, therefore, more productive to approach the subject of the Nature of Reality from the angle of the dream, a concept universally accepted as a genuine, although somewhat mysterious, state of consciousness akin to hypnosis. The fact is that Reality is also no more or less than a state of consciousness—one that differs from ordinary dreaming only in its quality. The “real” world seems more substantial than a dream, but science knows that even the hardest diamond is mostly empty space. The materiality of the atom itself is questionable. Matter is energy. 

The invisible and visible structure of Omniverse has—as discussed elsewhere in this blog—a structure that is nine-dimensional; plus there are two other “dimensions,” one of which can best be thought of as the totality of the nine, and the other of which can best be thought of as Nothingness. In a sense, the two “outer” dimensions are the same dimension but understandable in two ways: as all possibilities un-manifest, and as all possibilities manifested—nothing and everything. 

The dimension of Nothingness is Dimension Zero; paradoxically it is also the first of ten dimensions (itself plus the nine dimensions that compose Omniverse). What is it like? Dimension Zero is pure Awareness—complete perfection beyond description—and it is home to only one resident: Itself, which can be thought of as the Dreamer. 

Because the Dreamer is pure, perfect, and complete Awareness, the Dreamer is undivided, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient. Yet the Dreamer has a problem, an unachievable desire: There is nothing for it to discover, nothing to learn. Nothing is unknown to it. Nothing is new. If it lacked any knowledge, it would not be perfectly complete, and imperfection is impossible for perfect and limitless Awareness. 

The solution for the Dreamer is to allow Itself to imagine the possibility of a flaw; the solution is to dream what it would be like to be imperfect; the solution is to create an illusory realm within which It can play games of “what if?” Just forming the idea of imperfection creates what can be thought of as a black spot, speck, or sphere in the “white light” of Awareness. But there can be no black spot in the perfect Light. The spot, speck, or sphere is an illusion; yet this tiny product of intense desire is imbued with power second only to Awareness itself. That power is Imagination. 

The Dreamer fixates on Its dark meta-thought-form until that sphere becomes, in effect, a portal through which the Omniverse is grown, much the way a round, black mustard seed becomes a huge propagating plant. Omniverse is the Dreamer’s dream, within which the Dreamer explores infinite multidimensional possibilities of Its endless imagining. The Nature of Reality is the Nature of Dream, and the Nature of Dream is the Dream of Nature.


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