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The Alchemy of Human Desires

October 27, 2010

Although the alchemical conceptualizing of ancient Greek philosophers seems hopelessly out of date to the thinker schooled in Cartesian-based science, there was wisdom in the teachings presented in their “mystery schools,” wisdom that has become largely lost in a world dominated—and in a real sense: decimated—by the two-edge sword of “high” technology. 

Empedocles, for example, perceived the material world as an elemental matrix of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. To these elements, Aristotle may have been the first to add: Aether. Many present-day quantum physicists are re-embracing the concept of Aether, the most controversial of those elements of classical Greek philosophy, conceptualizing rooted even deeper in antiquity. 

The perceived nature and number of alchemical elements varies from culture to culture. However, through using the Noetitek™ system, we see that only some of those assemblages fully align with natural forces. Not surprisingly, the correct alignment finds correspondences that are as easily testable and plainly verifiable as turning a key in a lock. For example, we have found that there is a direct connection between the classical Western set of alchemical elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether and the scientifically demonstrated states of consciousness associated with five specific brainwaves: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta (in descending order). 

Where the ancients identified Fire and Air as outwardly working elements, Earth and Water were seen as turning inward. We agree, because that ancient perspective also happens to fit perfectly with our independent finding that Earth and Water are associated with the two deepest and slowest brainwaves, whereas Air and Fire are associated with higher brainwaves. And the highest brainwave state is associated with Aether. The exact order of correspondences will be published in a larger body of writing. 

This brings us to the topic of human desires. Five fundamental desires, expressible as: Health, Wealth, Love, Fame, and Immortality, align with the five classical elements and five scientifically identified brainwaves. The significance of our latest breakthrough is our finding that meditation exercises can be made more effective by matching brainwave states with a given purpose to be pursued through use of meditation. 

Additional brainwaves have yet to be discovered, we are certain. In fact, a sixth has been identified by a Dr. Jeffrey Thompson as “HyperGamma,” a very high brainwave state that can generate mental phenomena decodable as productive insights that can guide decision-making, among other uses. In fact, the breakthrough that resulted in this post was derived from a prolonged immersion in the swiftly flowing river of HyperGamma. 

PluribusOne™ Consulting can help clients make fast productive use of brainwave states by aligning their use with the hierarchy of desires and numerous other sets of correspondences and with other Noetitek™ meta-tools.