Assessment: Dr. Kozyrev’s Time Theory

Neither the structure of Omniverse nor the phenomena experienced within Omniverse can be understood apart from the nature of Time. Understanding—and communicating an understanding of—the nature and structure of Omniverse requires establishing a compatible set of concepts that invoke images which can be articulated via use of an effective vocabulary. Through applying PluribusOne™’s Noetitek™ system we have accomplished exactly that, and we have, thereby, advanced knowledge of the workings of Omniverse. See our posts: “Theory of Everything,” “Multidimensionality and ‘Turbulence Theory’,” and “One Atom, Nine Dimensions!” among others at this site. 

Among our many pertinent findings is that Time has three dimensions (two of which have a dual function that has led some physicists to perceive five Time dimensions).

The brevity of a blog post cannot do justice to the extensive work of Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908-1983), a Russian astrophysicist and mystic whose writings fill volumes that we recommend for study by those having a serious interest in understanding his vision of this Universe. We can, however, share a thumbnail sketch of his conceptualizing and insights, and consider the extent to which they comport with the results of our application of Noetitek™ to this subject. The following paragraph will provide such sampling in words that we believe provide an accurate representation of his thinking about Time: 

Dr. Kozyrev saw Time as a spiraling (torsion/scalar) flow that embraces all material processes, as those processes simultaneously feed that same flow. He discussed Time as being the carrier of conscious energy. He saw Time as being moved by “cause” and gaining density toward the production of physical “effect.” He said that Time is both “formed and spent” in all natural processes. In his view, the source of the flow of all natural processes is irreversible as well as in a continual state of disequilibrium. All of this fits with our Noetitek™-based conclusions about the nature and functioning of Time. 

In our “Theory of Everything,” Space, Time, and Mind (consciousness) each has three dimensions. Consciousness/mind is causal and the effects are borne through the dimensions of Time as they take temporal atomic form. Time is the intermediary between Mind and Space, between non-electromagnetic meta-physical thought-form and its generation of the force-fields underlying all physical action and manifestation. Substance of varying density—none of which is either “hard” or “intangible” in more than a relative sense—exists throughout the nine dimensions of Omniversal reality. 

The creational flow of Source Energy Awareness (SEA) is unidirectional and irreversible. However, there is an equal and opposite flow that completes Nature’s tidal processing: entropy. Entropy works backwards through the Time dimensions. An effect of this two-way processing is that we continuously time-travel and reverse time-travel, each of which cancels the other in our ordinary perceptual flow in order to supply our ongoing sense of Now. This “Now” marks the center of Time, and it is at-one with the Eternal, with Source Energy Awareness (SEA).


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2 Responses to “Assessment: Dr. Kozyrev’s Time Theory”

  1. Valiant Says:

    I read a translation of the Kybalion where it says that: Under and behind the Universe of Space, Time, and Change is found the Substantial Reality, the Fundamental Truth. What, in your view, is that Fundamental Truth?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    “The Kybalion,” derived from an ancient Egyptian source, is not without value but some of the material is skewed, perhaps due to mistranslation of original texts or due to over-reliance on deductive reasoning in the original work. “The Kybalion” is said to assert something like: “…the fundamental truth is The All,” which is a rational conclusion but not exactly correct.

    The fundamental truth within Omniverse is Consciousness because Consciousness is the origin of Time and Space and of the resulting illusion of continuous Change, the endless stories within Story.

    The All is the totality of Consciousness, Space, and Time. But the truly “fundamental truth” is beyond that, in a realm, or state, that cannot be accurately labeled with any word or described in words. The closest we can come to understanding it is to label it: The Great Nothing of Pure Awareness. Although indescribable, it can be experienced by focusing on the point between heartbeats (which corresponds to the entropy-negentropy balance point that lies at the center of the second dimension of Time).

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