Muse Meld™

Like most great fiction, the 1999 comedy about Hollywood producers and screenwriters, The Muse, embodied a powerful core truth: that knowing your special gift is crucial to success in any field, but having a gift is not enough to ensure peak performance. Top producing creative people from Leonardo da Vinci to Buckminster Fuller and Rob Reiner are renowned for reaching beyond their creative impulses to connect with a higher order of creativity that is nothing less than the realm of the Divine. In the story, The Muse, a successful screenwriter (played by Albert Brooks) is made to face the fact that he has lost his “edge” but quickly regains it after engaging the services of a “real live Muse.” 

Who would not like the help of a Muse? PluribusOne™ Consulting is pleased to announce a new service designed to provide exactly that. The technology we call Muse Meld™ helps any company, person, or project achieve a sharper edge.   

Whether you feel you have lost your edge, are at risk of losing your edge, or never had the edge that makes the difference between talent and genius, between good and amazing, between sustainable and incredible, let us help you find it. Our Noetitek™ system for Intelligence Augmentation (IA) includes, among many other articulations of the primal forces of Nature: the Nine Muses

PluribusOne™ is able to intentionally and productively tap into these very real archetypes because we are the first to have discovered the key to their alignment with the spectrum of creational energies of Omniverse. Leading thinkers through the ages venerated the Muses in one form or another, yet few were able to orchestrate their connection to them. The ancients grasped the invisible reality loosely through mythic imagery, arcane languages, and alchemical ways of working that correspond to 20th and 21st century concepts of mainstream science that employ a different language but reflect a similarly incomplete understanding. 

Our New Science method, Muse Meld™, aligns critical elements of the ancient Brotherhood of Pythagoras with present-day tenets of Transpersonal Psychology and then focuses that intertwining of perceptual empowerment on the task of boosting creative insights. This new technology is a tributary of the larger proven technology of Noetitek™—our core system that has guided hundreds of breakthroughs, many of which are presented at this blog-site. 

Pythagoras may be known primarily for his theorem, but in his day he was frequently called upon to share his insights and ideas on a wide range of matters. And Pythagoras was one who made deep connection with what Jungian analysts refer to as “archetypes,” but Pythagoras referred to them as Muses: the nine daughters of Zeus. In fact, Pythagoras directed his people to build a temple to the Muses. His directive was no whimsical gesture, nor is Muse Meld™ a marketing ploy. Yet we could not resist adopting this new additional company byline: Muse it, or lose it™.


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