Analysis: Capra’s “The Web of Life”

Having read his earlier work, during my Tarrytown Group days, I snapped-up a copy of Fritjof Capra’s then new book: The Web of Life.  That was fourteen years ago. At the time, I was immersed in developing the Noetitek™ system and applying it productively to anomalies that continue to escape the grasp of scientists even today. I am actually glad that I never got around to reading the book, which almost certainly would have influenced my conceptualizing for the worse. That sounds like a negative remark, but what I mean is that Capra’s thesis would have blocked the flow of original thinking that led me to even greater insights than ones expressible through the “web of life” window-on-reality. 

The Web of Life correctly acknowledges that the foremost crisis is the crisis of perception. Yet, while Dr. Capra heralds the paradigm shift of mainstream science from the mechanistic worldview of Descartes to the new “holistic, ecological view,” this new view continues to float inside the larger untouched “problem-solution” paradigm that assumes everything is a problem and that scientists are not only the master problem-solvers but also the only competent problem-definers, whether the issue at hand relates to politics, religion, or your kitchen sink. So the crisis of perception lives on like a mutated virus, despite that minor breakthrough which enables the priesthood of science to see that the whole world is, well, whole — integrated, ecological, interdependent. That this should be surprising to anyone must surprise others like myself who spent their childhood in the woods.

The objective of the book was to synthesize the author’s selection of perceived “key discoveries” into one readable text for the sake of spreading the word to all who require edification regarding the “systems view,” the heart of the new paradigm for socialist science, circa 1995, and the author’s effort to provide a unified view of “mind, matter, and life” was a worthy one. We further believe that he accomplished it in not too many words. However, our view, through the lens-like device of Noetitek™, is all-inclusive; it sits upon a tripod of Consciousness, Time, and Space that is somewhat correspondent with Dr. Capra’s mind, matter, and life, but Noetitek™ allows us to see beyond paradigms. 

Unlike any paradigm, Noetitek™ itself cannot be represented by a box drawn on paper. Its process is Nature-based, not mechanical or computer-programmed. Our fundamental goal with our New Science of Enhanced Human Perception™ is to activate everyone’s ability to see beyond the boxes that represent historical science. Questions that Stephen Hawking, for example, cannot answer, are answerable. Many mysteries have already been solved with Noetitek™, as you can see by browsing this blog. 

The billions of people on Earth represent an enormous well of largely untapped genius. But piecemeal efforts to uncap it are not enough. If ecofeminism, for example, would give way to ecohumanism, a movement to end all forms of human enslavement could emerge. The idea that women have exclusive kinship with Nature is a popular absurdity based on misunderstanding what “feminine” means. The narrowness of enculturation, whether Western or Eastern, has done the masses no favors, and scientists have not recognized the extent of the handicap; even Dr. Hawking has said: “If we find the answer to why we, as a universe, exist, it would be the ultimate triumph…,” when the answer is already knowable to those equipped to see beyond the infinite Web of Life.


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