Quantum Query

The assertions of quantum theories make sense in relationship to scientific experiments and their results but fail to supply an understanding of Nature apart from the intervention of human observation; they fail to provide an understanding of Nature “as it is in itself”—so argued Albert Einstein, despite the fact that it was he who had discovered quantum phenomena in the first place. Quantum theory is overrated, Einstein believed, in that it should not be viewed as the skeleton key to grasping physics. After all these years, his assertion still rings true in our ears. Quantum mechanics is only part of it. The present—highly popularized—understanding is only a plateau on the mountainside of physics. To those who seek to debunk Einstein with nothing more than words and math-gymnastics, we wish to point to proofs in his pudding such as: nuclear weapons and nuclear energy plants. 

It is entirely correct to say that there is no “fixed” anything, yet Einstein’s general theory of relativity also fails in sufficiency because it does not accommodate the quantum reality evidenced in those telling double-slit experiments. And expanding General Relativity in order to capture the whole of it and develop a Unified Field Theory proved a fruitless quest for Dr. Einstein to the point that he even considered abandoning the idea that space and time are continuous—i.e., his envisioned structure of three dimensions of space and a fourth dimension of time. Yet, in keeping with PluribusOne™’s unified theory, he was on the right track at the point where he considered the possibility of additional dimensions. 

There is a space-time continuum, but it is part of a space-time-mind construct with nine dimensions, not four. 

The solution can only be found—i.e., independently affirmed—by taking a top-down (or outside-in) approach, which requires knowing the solution before discovering it: receiving it as a sort of divine gift, as we experienced in the course of developing a certain Intelligence Augmentation tool with the guidance of the Noetitek™ system. The strangeness of quantum effects is centered in one particular dimension that is not one of the four familiar ones. (See our posts: “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory,” “Squaring the Circle,” “Zeno’s Paradoxes Resolved,” and “Theory of Everything,” among others locatable using the search feature.) 

The fact that string theory enables practically endless different unified field theory solutions should be seen not only as evidence against this approach to formulating a Theory of Everything but also as evidence against string theory itself. We applaud Dr. Stephen Hawking for having abandoned it recently, despite the shouts of protesters among his colleagues whose chief effort in their high-strung quest remains fixated on it. They would be wise to follow Einstein’s example, and now Hawking. 

Einstein sought a Theory of Everything that could be apprehended more objectively than by measurements and statistics. The Noetitek™-derived coherent Theory of Everything is not only understandable without equations but actually makes many previously complex matters easier to grasp because each of the nine dimensions of multiversal Omniverse represents one of the core principles embodying the Holy Grail that Einstein sought without success. We leave it to others to do the math. One thing we feel certain of is that it will require an equation that combines rational, irrational, and transcendental numbers.


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