Noetitek™ Psyche-Persona-Typing™

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, born about 150 years ago, was a Greek-Armenian mystic whose life was devoted to developing and deploying a system for human transformation based on ancient knowledge. While traveling in the Middle East, Gurdjieff discovered a symbolic pattern called the Enneagram: the precision overlay of a triangle and hexad on a circle. He used this pattern—purportedly a symbolic model of all natural processing—as framework for his system. His core effort involved teaching students about their purpose in life in terms of Nature’s process. After his death in 1949, re-discoverers of the Enneagram used it as a theoretical framework for mapping and studying personality types and related matters. 

In early 2010, PluribusOne™ finished designing a symbolic pattern that represents the Noetitek™ system and serves several purposes. In the near future we expect to begin using it as a teaching tool to orient clients to the core concepts embodied in the Noetitek™ system, including the multi-dimensional structure of Omniverse and the continuous process of Omniversal Manifestation. Our pattern goes beyond the Enneagram of personality while incorporating all of its elements and working with them in new ways that reveal new knowledge. One of the uses of our new teaching tool is “psyche-persona-typing.” This typing goes beyond familiar personality typing approaches that use either the Enneagram or more arbitrary and nonscientific/theosophical methods. 

Noetitek™ Psyche-Persona-Typing™ recognizes something never before discovered through use of the Enneagram: that every personality revealed by the Enneagram has a heretofore unrecognized non-Freudian tripartite superstructure. Every soul has a particular mental-physical-emotional fixity in space-time-mind, a sublevel of three attributes that are not psychological fixations and not previously detectable. Although their effect is sometimes subtle, those higher-self attributes shine through, amplify, and expand the standard matrix of nine “lower self” personality tendencies in a way that creates a total of 504 soul/psyche-persona-types. Each type is identified as a set of three numbers. 

This new system of typing allows for a deeper self-understanding, and it facilitates development of unique strategies for fine-tuning the pursuit of personal purpose. I have assessed my own personality from time to time over forty-plus years using both the Enneagram and the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). My MBTI has never changed, but looking over the Enneagram-related records, it seemed as if my “personality” had been evolving. When I used the Noetitek™ system to study the Enneagram read-outs, I could see that it is my self-awareness that has evolved. Nothing has really been added or subtracted from my essential being. More important, I was able to see untapped potential for expansion and refinement in the areas of thinking, feeling, and performing that will be easier to achieve as a result of the new insights. 

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