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PluribusOne™ Branded Products

June 22, 2011

Be one of the thousands of visitors who help continue to make this blog free of the usual clutter of flashy advertisements that make visiting otherwise interesting blogs time-consuming to download and annoying to read. Our purpose for this blog was never to “monetize” it, but to use it to showcase the value of using our innovative services while also providing a free public service in more than twenty categories of interest, a policy we intend to retain. 

To that end, I would like to inform you that we have just made arrangements with to establish a PluribusOne™ Consulting Store at the CafePress website. 

At present, in keeping with our main byline, “The One Merlin Would Have Used”™, we have twelve items available at CafePress, including: King Arthur’s Mug, a Roundtable Stein, water bottles, Team-shirts, Team-sweatshirts, Merlin’s Mousepad, Thinking Caps, and more, which feature the PluribusOne™  red, white, and blue logo. Two products: Merlin’s Mug and the Memory Magnet, feature a reproduction of my business card. Additional products and company-associated designs will be made available going forward. 

The store address is For ease of connection in the future, a link has been included at the right, in the column of Page links, under “Branded Products at CafePress,” and also at the bottom of certain posts.

Help us decide which products are most desirable to include at our store by perusing the full array items available at Also, if you have suggestions for improvements to our offerings, or for future designs, or would like to see particular additional products included that not presently available at CafePress, please let us know at:

Thank you for your interest and support for the New Science of Enhanced Human Perception™, the Noetitek™ system and its mind-tools, and for the services made available by PluribusOne™ Consulting, LLC. 

—Alan E.