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Natural Spirals and Global Economy

July 30, 2011

Rhythm and periodicity exist everywhere in Nature. In fact, the charted activities of all phenomena, including human actions and attitudes, display curvilinear forms and distinct rhythms. Commonly referred to as “cycles of nature,” within the NoetiTaoist™ paradigm that PluribusOne™ has been shaping for many years, these cycles are better described as the Spirals of Nature. Among the many datasets of correspondences that form the integrated core of the Noetitek™ System is a chart of Nature’s primal rhythms. 

Do cosmic laws govern these spirals? Yes, in the sense that constant repetitions follow a set of vibrations that trace to the origin of Omniverse, infinitely expressing the foundational intent of Source Energy Awareness (SEA). This intent is embedded in the three dimensions of omnipresent Consciousness (see our post: “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory”) and reflected in the dimensions of Space via the dimensions of Time. From the mortal human perspective, Omniversal Consciousness and its processing may be seen as a “control system.” There is a reason for everything, as the aphorism goes, and that reason can always be traced to the highest levels of multidimensional Omniverse: the top two dimensions of Consciousness that have been depicted as masculine and feminine aspects of Deity across cultures. That Consciousness is, it must be clarified and emphasized—not—separate from human consciousness. 

When the Great Tetrad came into being as cornerstone of Omniverse, spirals and rhythmic patterns of vibrations began constructing the cosmic loom upon which endless visions could emerge and manifest. The purpose of this post is to draw attention to those four rhythms which are reflected in and encompass the aggregate rhythms of basic human activity and underlie every nation’s economy as well as the global economy as a whole. The approximate periodicities are 3.6 years, 9 years, 18 years, and 54 years, in Earth-time measures. 

Despite the irrefutable validity of the cycles themselves, as proved by overlaying them on thousands of flows of past events, the empirically-derived knowledge that helps us understand the past is, strangely, less reliable in guiding accurate predictions. Why is that? How can that be? Part of the answer is that there are additional primal and subordinate rhythms. A greater part, however, is: misunderstanding causality. The dimensions of space-time—i.e., of Nature—are not causal. Looking to the effects as they play out around us on Earth will not reveal causes. Looking to the stars, which are in synchrony with phenomena on Earth, will also fail to reveal actual causes. 

Causality flows from the dimensions of Consciousness in the form of information, directives. “Effects” serve as feedback; whatever Consciousness experiences in its adventures in space-time continuously influences its next actions. Although a general course of action may be predetermined (whether for one life or all lives), adjustments are made along the way. All nodes of that collective consciousness—nonhuman as well as human—are sources of input used to assess and steer the flow of global events. Consider the role of the biblical Prophets: What would have been the point of prophesying against a people if changing their thoughts and actions could make no difference? 

Despite the ongoing barrage of negative economic news reports, the world is already entering the greatest long-wave phase of innovation and prosperity in history. To help erase the remaining troublesome impediments to making a smoother transition, read our recent post: “Global Economic Solution—Update.”  We are greater than the world.