Total Eclipse of Monistic Idealism

The philosophy of monistic idealism, embraced by some quantum realists, is correct in asserting that Consciousness is the primal reality of Omniverse. However, monistic idealism further conceptualizes Consciousness as transcendent and unitive; therefore, individual entities such as humans and multiplicity in general are illusory. Such philosophy also asserts that the relationship between the worlds of unity and multiplicity are not only unknown but unknowable. 

The relationship between these (to ordinary human perception) two worlds is not unknowable in the philosophy of NoetiTaoism™, which eclipses monistic idealism. 

Monistic idealism attempts to explain the “phenomenon” of multiplicity, including the individual self, by conceptualizing an intertwined system perceivable as involving a “classical” physical brain and a separate “quantum” mind, wherein mind is wavelike while brain, with its person-centered thoughts, is particle-like—i.e., a general (nonlocal) thinking-process flow vis-à-vis particular (local) thoughts. 

In NoetiTaoism™, which reflects the Noetitek™-derived nine-dimensional model of Omniverse, the apparent unity of Consciousness is not transcendent; unity is part of the illusion. Consciousness is tripartite and exhibits both wavelike behavior and (micro/sub) particles. Spatial multiplicity is also tripartite and also exhibits wavelike behavior and (macro-level) particles, in a hierarchical assemblage. Nine dimensions of Mind, Time, and Space are interwoven into one inter-accommodative infinite quantum process that, in the wholeness of its entirety, is the projection of Awareness from within a transcendent and eternal state that lies beyond the nine-dimensional construct. 

Matter and Mind are not separate; in effect, they are two sides of a multidimensional coin having no edge. Outside of university classrooms, government-funded laboratories, and unenlightened think-tanks, there is no “classical” physics that exists apart from “quantum” physics. There is only one greater all-encompassing grasp of Nature that is elusive for physicists at this time because they lack the knowledge and understanding of the total construct of the illusion we call “reality.” 

The number of blind physicists studying this proverbial elephant has been reduced over the past hundred or so years by breakthroughs in quantum physics, yet the elephant remains, for them, a riddle wrapped in a mystery locked-up inside of an enigma. Noetitek™ has the tools to cure this blindness. The essential truth is less complicated than they imagine. PluribusOne™ Consulting has unraveled it for those willing to let go of the quantum paradigm that includes monistic idealism.


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