The Truth about “Cause and Effect”

The concept of causality expresses the idea, and seems to validate observation, that particular actions generate particular results/outcomes. This concept is foundational to the common understanding of both physical and metaphysical phenomena—from Newton’s third Law of Motion to the esoteric Law of Attraction. It appears that we reside in a vast ocean of causes and effects, whether the stimuli and responses are seen as intentional and controllable, or automatic/accidental, or some combination involving a hierarchy of powers or empowerment together with an element of pure chance. 

Human inclination is to base beliefs on firsthand and shared/reported experiences, and to experience that which is believed; “seeing is believing,” and vice versa. As creatures conditioned by deep enculturation—evidenced in the evolving convictions of scientists to as great a degree as witnessed in the doctrinal development of religionists—that closed-loop of conceptual-perceptual habituation practically defines the present generation of human beings: Homo sapiens. At bottom of that habituation lies our understanding of the world in terms of “cause and effect,” or cause-effect, and levels of power or comparative lack thereof. But are these operating-system-level assumptions correct? 

The truth is that there is only one cause: total Liberation of Source Energy Awareness (SEA) from the indescribable Eternal. That one and only explosive cause preceded the birth of the infinitely-processing multiversal Omniverse that includes the universe surrounding us in this space-time realm. The No-thing-ness of pure Awareness has expressed Itself as the Everythingness of Omniverse. It was complete at the moment it began, a truth reflected in the Book of Genesis: “In the beginning was the Word,” along with Jesus of Nazareth’s later statements: “I am the Alpha and the Omega… the beginning and the end,” and: “…slain from the foundation of the world.” 

All causes and effects perceived by humans are part of the Grand Illusion, including the illusion of separateness and individuality—a truth grasped by Dr. Albert Einstein, by ancient Kabbalists, and by 21st-century Quantum Theorists. Matter is Energy; nothing is any more permanent (in personal experience) than the fleeting images projected onto a movie or television screen. Further, we say, every possible set of illusory chains of cause-effect are played out in and among the turbulence of parallel universes of Omniverse. What appear to be degrees of empowerment are actually degrees of awareness—degrees to which we allow ourselves to be aware of the fact that we are One and embody all powers of the One. 

As discussed in earlier posts (e.g., “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory,” “A Real Dream,” and others) Omniverse is constructed of nine dimensions: three of Mind, three of Time, and three of Space. When our conceptual-perceptual attention focuses on Mind/Consciousness alone, we can gain Wisdom and Knowledge directly, from “within.” When focused on the dimensions of Space alone, there is the powerful sense of personal/“outer” being and of Reality as manifest in solid form. When focused on the dimensions of Time alone, apparent Chaos is experienced. To focus attention on the nine dimensions in sets is, in effect, focusing attention vertically. By directing attention horizontally, as we do 99% of the time, we move willfully among the endless array of universes.


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One Response to “The Truth about “Cause and Effect””

  1. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Having just posted the above item, later in the day I received a book about economic cycles in the mail. Synchronicity strikes again.

    The book’s introduction discusses traditional economic theorizing, which of course involves an emphasis on matters of cause and effect in the course of economists’ efforts to understand underlying forces, track apparent trends, and make useful predictions. Yet, as the authors point out, those theories “…fill textbooks with opinions and arguments about whether a given cause is really an effect, and vice versa.”

    These elements of the Grand Illusion—cause and effect—are a source of confusion even when viewed from within the context of the Illusion. The book, originally published in 1947, was republished in 2011 without needing revisions—the arguments have not changed much. Meanwhile, the state of the world economy at present speaks for itself, not to mention the many convoluted analyses and simplistic narrow opinions regarding “causes.”

    See our recent post: “Global Economic Solution—Update” and start dialing a better channel…

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