Our Position on Superposition

This post began with receiving the following query by email (edited to enhance clarity): 

“Having read the posts about your Theory of Everything, including your theory of a multidimensional Multiverse, do you think the Superposition Principle of quantum theorizing reflects valid conceptualizing of the ‘real world’ and the vibrational matrix it demonstrates? Superposition seems to be validated by equations and by observations of the interference pattern seen in the classic ‘double-slit experiment,’ which—considering that the physical realm we perceive is filled with such particles—reveals that more than one configuration of reality can and must exist simultaneously and “next to,”  each other. Therefore, both my logic and intuition accept the idea that an almost endless number of worlds exist at various octaves of vibration. However, recently reported experiments have shown that a quantum object cooled to nearly absolute zero ceases to vibrate, and, if that is true, how can it exist at all?” 

Those are good questions, and here is our response: 

There is no such thing as a completely non-vibrating object in Omniverse. The entirety of the nine-dimensionality of all physical universes is composed of a hierarchy of vibrating particles and sub-particles. There is, however, a non-vibration-All-ity: the eternity of pure Awareness that we refer to as Dimension Zero together with its projected infinite counterpart, Dimension Eleven: motionless/ timeless non-photonic Light and motionless/timeless Dark—the Nothingness and the Everythingness.

Cessation of vibration of a “solid” object means its removal from participation in the third dimension of Time and, therefore, from full participation in all three dimensions of Space because space does not exist apart from Time. In such event, the object’s lowest dimensions have been suppressed and a ghostly sub-particle-composed object still vibrates in its place. Like an “apport” of dead cousin Charles, the object is still slightly perceivable to the mind because the three dimensions of Consciousness and the first dimension of Time remain. The dimensions of Consciousness and first dimension of Time are “meta-physical,” and consist of vibrating sub-particles. The meta-objects emergent in that Time dimension are like talk-show guests waiting in the Green Room for a call out to the stage. 

Sidebar: A sub-particle that ceases to vibrate ceases to exist in Omniverse. Dimension Zero, Awareness, can be thought of as non-particle-based Light (as in “en-light-en-ment”). An illusory dark point in that Light serves as portal to Dimension Eleven—the Everything Altogether All-At-Once. Between dimensions Zero and Eleven, the nine-dimensions of Omniverse arise as the turbulent effect of a polarized interactive projection-creation processing, all of which, from the tiniest most ethereal sub-particle, to the hardest diamond, to the most enormous gas giant, to the brightest star, is vibrational and in endless spiraling motion. 

Our definition for the concept of Quantum Superposition is: the state of particles as they exist in the Eleventh Dimension. The experimenter who reported observing the profoundly cooled quantum object made a profoundly “cool” discovery, but not the one reported. He discovered evidence supporting our theory of multidimensionality.


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4 Responses to “Our Position on Superposition”

  1. Valiant Says:

    You theorize ethereal apports made of sub-particles, but no one can see sub-particles, therefore you can’t see objects composed of sub-particles!

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Neither can you see atoms. In both cases we see compact configurations of materials made of very slow energy of widely varying density plus elaborate defining information.

  3. Valiant Says:

    The idea that everything is always vibrating sounds more New Agey than scientific. Every waking moment I observe many things around me as being stopped, halted, frozen, unmoving, so why not at levels beyond the range of unaided vision?

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:

    To begin with, everything you see every waking moment is spinning, spiraling, and sweeping its way through space-time. Relative to you it appears unmoving.

    On top of that, every material thing is composed of particles that are in constant motion although the eye cannot see those movements. That is science, not philosophical fluff.

    Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) said it perfectly: “Everything flows, floats and moves. There is no state of equilibrium—there is no state of rest.”

    There are no non-vibrating objects.

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