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Analysis: Hoagland’s “Dark Mission”

September 29, 2011

Dark Mission—The Secret History of NASA (revised and expanded edition), written by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara, is the first conspiracy theory book that PluribusOne™ has reviewed. It appeared on our radar screen as a coincidence—perhaps a synchronicity considering that some of our earlier posts cross into the same territory, and some of that material happens to add to their well-argued thesis. 

That NASA leadership was composed of a group of Freemasons, former Nazi scientists, and occult “Magicians” from the outset is verifiable through credible sources beyond those the authors used for their thesis. There is no real question about it. The big question is: Has NASA been covering-up discoveries made on the Moon, Mars, and elsewhere—hard evidence that an ancient and possibly nonhuman civilization left remnants of their culture in the form of stone-works, domes, and technological debris? 

Many deep secrets have been kept from the public with respect to all aspects of the space program. This has been corroborated for us by other sources, some of whom were long-term NASA employees unmentioned by Hoagland and Bara, and some were leading figures related to our personal 1960s experiences and involvement with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). We know, for example, that reports of certain undeniable “close encounters” with extremely advanced flying objects were never made public and remain classified today. 

Much of Hoagland’s theorizing about “hyperdimensional” processes comports well with our multidimensional and multiversal Theory of Everything. He concludes, for example, that higher spatial dimensions underlie the reality commonly perceived in terms of three dimensions. His book contains a detailed and elaborate exposition on this matter that we will not attempt to synopsize here. Although the author’s use of language makes the concepts as simple as possible, many readers may have difficulty with that portion of the book. However, it is worth the effort; higher “source” dimensions are real. 

What can PluribusOne™ contribute to Hoagland’s effort apart from our grasp of the structure and processing of Omniverse as presented in earlier posts? For one thing, we can lend support to their conclusion that the common link among Freemasons, former Nazi scientists, and black magicians lies in ancient knowledge of Egypt and Sumer. Our extensive research over many years supports the accuracy of that conclusion. And we agree with the significance of the tetrahedron (Bucky Fuller would have too). 

Yet the authors fail to make any reference to the Ennead, the nine Egyptian deities. Two opposing tetrahedra touch six points inside a sphere, all at 19.5° above and below. Six times 19.5 equals 117, which numerologically resolves to 9 (1+1+7=9). Each side of each tetrahedron is 3.33° of a circle—another numerological nine—and three such sides equal 99.9° (=27=9). The total sides of two tetrahedra are 12 in number and 12 times 33.3° equals 399.6 (=27=9). A circle itself is 360°=9. Hoagland mentioned that there were nine successful Moon missions and 27 (=9) lines in Solomon’s Seal, but he missed all the other nines and their significance in venerating the Egyptian gods. 

Further indication that 33° Scottish Rite Freemasons, via predecessor Templars, hold knowledge of “hyperdimensionality” is displayed in our Image File #32 and the post: “Templar Secret Revealed.” The pattern of two tetrahedra within a sphere is depicted two-dimensionally inside the hidden compartment of a very old “Templar ring.”