Space Program Secrets

Many false stories have surrounded humanity’s initial movement into outer space. For example, the attribution of several famous inventions to the space program in the United States has been debunked, inventions such as: Tang®, Teflon®, and Velcro®. But those are minor lies, foisted on the taxpaying public apparently to help justify the enormous cost of man’s greatest undertaking, as well as to serve commercial/industrial agendas. Most recently, we also learned that astronaut Alan Shepard never coined the term “AOK”—it was only another NASA public relations contrivance. 

What else do we think we know about the history of spaceflight that is not at all true? And, perhaps more importantly, does it matter that such untruths have been firmly embedded in the public psyche? What if our most fundamental knowledge about the space program is nothing but disinformation intended to cover-up a truth that humanity would find so shocking and unpalatable that it brought into question everything we think we know about history? One of the powerful applications of Noetitek™ is the exploration of “what-ifs,” of possibilities previously un-probed. 

A cornerstone of common knowledge about the international quest for space is the “fact” that Russia was the first nation to put a satellite into space, followed by the United States. Yet there were three nations busily developing rockets prior to World War II: the USA, Russia, and Germany—and Germany was leading the pack. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we have known for more than twenty years that German scientists and technological collateral were brought into the U.S. covertly, perhaps even before the war’s end. Some of the same spoils of war were absorbed into the Soviet Union, and untold numbers of German scientists and projects escaped to South America or more remote areas. 

The Soviets launched their first satellite on October 4, 1957. Only three months later, the U.S. launched its first satellite. Yet there is evidence—when assembled a certain way—indicating that Nazi Germany may have been the first to place an object into orbit beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Some of that evidence was compiled, unwittingly, by Wilhelm Reich, MD, perhaps as early as 1950, when Reich discovered luminous “UFOs” in the skies over Rangeley, Maine. Using time-lapse photography, Reich captured images of night-time UFO traffic, something other than stars or ordinary aircraft. Reich concluded that the objects were of extraterrestrial origin. However, if Occam’s Razor has any value, it tells us that at least some such UFOs must have been the product of a secret U.S. or Russian space program, or hardware launched by German scientists hiding in Argentina or elsewhere. 

Reich’s apparent evidence is not alone on our list. For example, there is evidence that the Germans had designed a two-stage intercontinental ballistics missile by July, 1940, and that bundling rockets in order to multiply lift and range was on the drawing board by 1942, eight years before Wilhelm Reich’s sightings. Reich died of heart failure thirty days after the launch of Russia’s Sputnik satellite and eighty-nine days before the American satellite was launched on January 31, 1958—an interesting departure window.

To this day, NASA claims that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory: “…received the assignment to design, build and operate the artificial satellite that would serve as the rocket’s payload [and] …completed this job in less than three months” after the Soviet satellite success. Maybe NASA has some Florida swampland for sale too. N-AS-A—not as advertised.


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2 Responses to “Space Program Secrets”

  1. Stark Raven Says:

    I note that you published this item just one day after the declassification and one-day-only display of three Cold War satellites. The first article about this was dated 9/20, at, republished today (9/21) at Yahoo, titled “Declassified US Spy Satellites Reveal Rare Look at Secret Cold War Space Program.” How did you know about this and what role did the unveiling play in writing your post?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    I must have felt a ripple in the Force. I did not know of the declassification, and I actually wrote the post on the 17th—synchronicity, or something more?

    The question that comes to mind is: Considering that the Soviets were supposedly first to put a satellite up, how did the USA manage to get so far ahead in the Space Race when we did not—according to NASA—even DESIGN our first until after Sputnik? That von Braun came into the US with more than just a vision of military-purposed space satellites is more than idle speculation.

    Interesting too that Russia was our ally against Germany in WWII, but Russia was Nazi Germany’s enemy, and then became ours. Things to look into.

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