Before the beginning of anything there was no light, no darkness upon a “deep”—no deep! Nothing—not even a Void. 

The Omniverse perceived via Noetitek™ is, operatively, nine-dimensional, yet it is eleven-dimensional when two more primal states are recognized: Nothing, and All. We refer to Nothing, which is actually beyond description—beyond Time and Space and even Consciousness—as Dimension Zero. We see it as boundless, motionless Awareness, and we see Awareness as “source energy.” Words are inadequate; we have found no better ones to convey the idea, and they work in the sense that our articulation lays the groundwork that facilitates an understanding of everything. 

Call it the Theory of Everything. Call it radical conceptualizing. We call the underlying philosophy: NoetiTaoism™—trademarked by cultural necessity, as if anyone could own Truth, or anything else. 

Nothing is the source of Everything-all-at-once—the One. From the perspective of Source Energy Awareness there is no past, present, or future—no unfolding, no arrival, no Big Bang. The illusion of unfolding, erupting, and expanding is the product of views from within the nine-dimensions of the Illusion of Reality that we perceive as the endless and ever-present Omniverse of seemingly evolving substance. Ironically, every part of our temporal mortal selves (as well as everything else in the universes) is made of stuff that always existed and cannot be destroyed, only transmuted and re-formed. 

Scientists have long contemplated Nothingness in terms of a Void, a perfect vacuum, an area within the dimensions of Omniverse devoid of all things. Dimension Zero, however, lies beyond the nine dimensions of Omniverse, most of which remain undiscovered in the laboratories of science. Western philosophers who paved the way for science made the same error. It is as difficult for the human mind to conceive of the inconceivable as it is to expect the unexpected, but it has been done by PluribusOne™ by breaking through barriers of habituated perception and mapping the way. 

The Creation Hymn of the Rig Veda (3,500-year-old Hindu text) is correct in saying the following about that which we are calling Dimension Zero: “There was neither non-existence nor existence then.” The ancient writer’s vision was clearer than all of the Greek philosophers put together. The paradox of All and Nothing cannot be escaped, and yet it can be eclipsed and grasped. Suppositions that all things arose from water, or air, or fire, or earth, or ether were all just poking around in the nine-dimensional entrails of a cosmic creature in search of its zero-dimensional soul. Anaximenes, Aristotle, Archimedes, Democritus, Empedocles, Epicurus, Thales and others were all postulating based on an incomplete set of perceptions and limited modes of thought. 

Some physicists have correctly concluded that everything came from nothing—somehow; they cannot explain it. Some have further intuited that the universe/multiverse is ten- or eleven-dimensional. Yet, none has assembled a Theory of Everything that eclipses the apparent complexity of the structure of multiversal Omniverse to show the beauty of its simplicity and synchrony. With Noetitek™ we have achieved that. 

More on this topic can be found in earlier posts.


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