Limits of Intelligence

The consensus of anthropologists and biologists seems to be that human intelligence is at or near its evolutionary limit because laws of physics restrict further expansion of intelligence by setting limits on brain and birth canal size. We disagree. 

The three Omniversal dimensions of Conscious (see our post: “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory,” among others) precede and supersede the dimensions of Time and Space. Consciousness rules, and the first rule, or law, of Consciousness is that “all things are possible.” This is not to say that biologists or anthropologists are wrong when speaking from within the confines of their disciplines. But the picture is bigger than that. 

For one thing, we argue that the Internet—cyberspace—represents expansion of human intelligence, not only in a collective sense but also at the level of each individual who “taps in.” We further argue that: as advanced as the Internet appears with its present facilitative infrastructure for networking and conducting searches, for example, it is still in its infancy. The online utilities, related software, enabling hardware, and human intelligence are co-evolving towards a horizon that challenges the imagination. 

For example, imagine having the ability to search globally for a matching feeling, a visualized image, a scent, a sound, or a dream symbol. Imagine downloading not only information but tools for thinking, and requisite understanding too. Now, imagine what that could mean in terms of seeking a compatible mate or key employee, or providing psychotherapeutic services, or conducting criminal investigations, or developing a worldwide marketing campaign. 

Further, cranial implants, using nanotechnology and wireless connectivity could, in effect, place the entirety of cyberspace on-board the human organism such that knowledge from outside the personal brain can be tapped invisibly and effortlessly to the point where, in some respects, a ten-year-old child’s mental processing might function on par with the most brilliant professor in any field. Only firsthand experience and accompanying wisdom would be missing. 

Is such cyborgian intelligence artificial? No. All knowledge, all information, traces back to its origin in Source Energy Awareness (SEA). Whatever means the human or other sentient creature uses to enhance its connection with SEA is, in part, a means for re-connection with the One, of which that creature is part. Therefore, what may look entirely external, or alien, and appear as “artificial intelligence” (AI) can be a pathway for Intelligence Augmentation (IA), for the exponential expansion and enhancement of information processing capabilities. 

In an age where scientists are making machines so small that they are invisible to the human eye, even when viewed under an ordinary microscope, why do some anthropologists and biologists persist in equating limits of intelligence with limits to brain size within the human form as presently configured? The size of the brain is insignificant compared to the size of one’s imagination and resourcefulness.


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