Great truths have been grasped and articulated differently in different cultural settings. The high degree to which these conceptualizations correspond may evidence a common source of teaching in ancient human history, or cross-cultural morphogenetic attunement to higher consciousness, or independently compiled perceptions and revelations. Whatever the mechanism for inspiration or pollination, PluribusOne™ has concluded that the strong similarity provides cross-validation when also set alongside the Noetitek™ system. We see, for example, the clear reflection of Abraxas in Tetraktys, as well as in the Tetragrammaton and in our NoetiTaoist™ understanding of the multidimensional structure and operation of Omniverse. 

Among Gnostic followers of Basilides, the word Abraxas held mystic meaning with regard to the nature and name of Supreme Deity. In NoetiTaoism™ Abraxas corresponds to and represents the entrance of tripartite Consciousness into Time, the first four dimensions of Creation—the fullness of non-manifest Being. Psychologist Dr. Carl Jung called Abraxas a god beyond the Christian concept of God and the Devil; Abraxas brings opposites into Oneness—primordial unity. In anthropomorphized depictions in stone, Abraxas holds a whip in the right hand and an oval shield in the left, symbols of: male and female energies, of the One and the Zero, the Sun and Moon, Father and Mother. His chariot is drawn by four horses—the four forces of physics. 

The Tetraktys is Pythagorean. It was their synthesized expression of Deity, the four-square embodiment of invisible principles into Time-bound physical form. The Tetragrammaton of the Hebrews—the four-lettered God-name—similarly formed the basis of the Hebrew belief system: “I am” (above) that “I am” (below). The Oneness is manifest in the fourness of: a point, a line, a surface, and a solid. Numerology reveals that the One (the fundamental Arché of the Pythagoreans) is present in the Four: 1+2+3+4=10; 1+0=1, and vice versa. This is true in principle as well as in form; the “below” is not apart from the “above.” As Jesus of Nazareth put it, “The kingdom of God is within you” and “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” (Luke 17:21; John 14:11) 

The numbers 1, 4, and 10 all represent the idea of completeness. As the primordial Monad, One is complete but non-manifest—wholly apart from space-time. Four is the number for completeness in terms of formation/assemblage in Time. Ten is the number for the completion of manifestation across all universes. Omniverse is ten-dimensional—physics is congruent with metaphysics although mainstream science has yet to catch up, despite the fact that the fourness expressed via Abraxas/Tetraktys/Tetragrammaton is a pattern found throughout Nature: from subatomic structure to chemistry to molecular and cellular biology.


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