Mind over Science

In June, 1988, immunology researchers at the University of Toronto, along with researchers at other laboratories around the world, announced independent confirmations of an antibody reaction that defied accepted scientific theories. These leading-edge researchers were revealing continuance of an antibody effect on human basophils (certain white blood cells) even when the antibodies were diluted to the point where no molecule of an antibody was present

How is this well-demonstrated reality—one that has been re-verified repeatedly over the last twenty-plus years and used to support claims of the therapeutic efficacy of homeopathic remedies—possible? 

The effect is real, PluribusOne™ concludes, because the structure of every kind of molecule originates in—and emerges from out of—atomic and subatomic web-like patterns of vibration. In PluribusOne™’s nine-dimensional model of Omniverse, three dimensions are dimensions of Consciousness. It is from within these dimensions that the vibration pattern of every single thing that becomes present in three-dimensional Space is established prior to assembly through three dimensions of Time. 

The idea that sub-molecular vibration patterns produce physical effects and precipitate physical objects is not at all strange or unscientific. The problem at the root of the controversy is not that scientific principles are being violated; the problem is that not all principles of Nature have been revealed, understood, and accepted. Many processes and effects are invisible to those who can see and work with no more dimensions than four. Sometimes even “double-blind experiments” cannot avoid inadvertently supporting conceptualizing that is double-deaf and double-dumb. Mindset creates its own blinders. 

Muddying the research waters further are skeptic-influenced experiments that mysteriously fail to demonstrate positive results. Blinkered debunkers take the subsequent “leap of doubt” (to coin a term) that such failures are due to some error or outright fraud in the numerous successful experiments. Not so. Despite persistent efforts, no one has ever found evidence of fraud or a flaw in an affirming experiment. At least some of the failed tests are due to the phenomenon known as “experimenter effect,” or “observer effect,” with which quantum physicists are very familiar. The scientist himself or herself can never be completely removed from the equation. 

The human mind is a powerful conduit of creation and destruction within the dimensions of space-time. A negative expectation, or desire, can have the same demolishing effect on extremely diluted solutions of antibodies that occurs when overheating or freezing them. The demolishing effect of hot and cold on diluted solutions is not controversial. Nor is the amazing fact that diluted antibodies can be highly stable, even for years. What is missing is wider recognition of the reality that: unfriendly temperatures are not the only destructive influences that can affect test results. 

At the end of the day, the good news is that immunity to disease is, essentially, a function of Consciousness. The bad new is: so is disease. Are homeopathic preparations effective in curing diseases? They are if you believe they are. Praying and the “laying on” of hands can be equally effective. And, as the results of testing funded by the Department of Defense over several decades indicates, healing (and harming) influences can be transmitted remotely—without any physical or visual contact.


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