The Big Who

Philosopher David Hume’s perspective on “self,” or “personal identity,” grounded in Plato’s conceptualizing, is one of the most disturbing ideas in all of European philosophy. Hume considered a person’s mind to be populated by more than a single thinker with memories. He believed that an individual’s mind is like a governmental domain inhabited by numerous citizens, not just one multifaceted or universal citizen. Hume concluded that there is no actual “self.” If that is true, then who are you?

PluribusOne™, formulator of the NoetiTaoism™ philosophy, asserts that—as evidenced by our new science of Enhanced Human Perception™ and by fruits of the Noetitek™ system—Hume’s view was not correct; there is a self, but that self is an omni-self (we refer to as “Self”) and not person-centered. Source Energy Awareness (SEA), the One, is the only real Self, and it expresses its Being through the creation of Consciousness which, in turn, creates and expands Creation via an infinitude of seemingly separate human and nonhuman entities that appear to gather and share “personal” experiences and memories through the illusion of Time and the sensorial construct of Space. 

Consciousness is tripartite, as recognized by Socrates; as reflected in the Christian Trinity; and as grasped by Freudian psychology. In our conceptualizing, Consciousness is composed of the first three dimensions of Omniverse. Consciousness projects itself as an intertwined flow of Mind that is composed of an additional three dimensions—of Time. The human brain, with the further-added three dimensions of Space, is composed of three primary segments that refine and realize (make real) the projections of Consciousness. To the human being, it appears that we are acquiring and processing perceptions; the greater truth is that we are generating endless impressions and making “memories” in accordance with the intentions (or “will”) of Consciousness. 

If “normal” people, who falsely perceive themselves to be separate entities, do not know who they are, how can they know what they want? Typically, and not surprisingly, we do not know, because that which we (as projections of Self) desire is, in effect, who and what we are. We are what we want, and although it may not seem so, we want what we are. So, when you know who you are, you know what you want, and when you know what you want, you know who you are. All uncertainty involving personal identity is the result of not seeing the reality that there is no self apart from Self, no self but Self. The apparent separateness is a carefully and intentionally devised illusion, a useful masking. 

The big question relates to “the big who”: What does Self want? The answer is simple: Self wants it all. Self wants the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the happy, the sad, the ecstatic win, the unbearable loss, the darkness and the dawn, the blindness and the enlightenment. Such is the game of Life, the whole purpose for the creation of Omniverse. Mortal life in Omniverse offers permanent escape from the sum of all fears: the fear of the eternal state and quality of Selfhood—more precisely: the fear of the Self-knowledge that is knowable and known but better kept as a mystery, a shrouded taboo. 

So, what does a “self” need to know to make the most of Life within the Grand Illusion? When you know that your true nature is Self and that you want everything, and you know that “everything” is an experiencing, the only question to ask and answer is: What would I like to experience now? What excites me? The options are unlimited. The real problem is much like that of approaching a huge banquet table; you can eat anything—you can eat it all—but you cannot eat it all at once. Just choose, and “to thine own Self be true.”


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4 Responses to “The Big Who”

  1. Stark Raven Says:

    In college I learned that awareness is the product of biological processes. Are you saying that’s not true?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Everything, including biological entities and their processes, is the creation of Awareness (SEA). The “awareness” experienced by creatures is, to put it simply: awareness of Awareness. We are in SEA and SEA is within us.

  3. Obsidia Says:

    My idea of “God” is “All That Is.” How is SEA different from that? Or is it?

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:

    We seem to be on, or closely attuned to, the same “wavelength.”

    PluribusOne™ avoids using the word “God” because it tends to invoke pre-programmed/inculcated ideas, and our NoetiTaoism™ is not entirely in alignment with any previously existing religious or philosophical understanding of the concept of a Creator or Creative Force. The word “God” is like the word “Love,” in that both words are commonly taken to embody universal meaning, but they actually represent a wide-range of unclear meaning. Therefore, their use precipitates equally wide-ranging misunderstanding and conflict. (Please see our post: “The Truth About Love.”)

    After a nearly lifelong study of the numerous ways the concept of God, or gods, has been expressed—and words alone cannot be made adequate—we devised the term Source Energy Awareness (SEA) to express our sense of it. There is no “thing-ness” in the term SEA, no physicality or even meta-physicality. Yet, within SEA’s Creation, the endless collection of universes that we call Omniverse into which SEA has projected Itself, SEA expresses Itself metaphysically and physically, through entities that are intangible as well as tangible, subatomic and atomic, immortal as well as mortal.

    The NoetiTaoist™ schematic for Omniverse shows, describes, and explains the functioning of nine dimensions. That which Western religions call God, the Father, Jehovah, Yahweh, and other names is SEA’s expression via the first dimension of Omniverse—the first dimension of Consciousness—primary carrier of Awareness. Where Jesus said, “I am in the Father, and the Father is in me,” he referred to that first-dimensional state of Creative Being. We go the one further step to say: “We are in SEA, and SEA is in us.”

    SEA, as well as consciousness, is in everyone and everything, which appears to be the way you also grasp this truth that is at the heart of you.

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