Merlin’s Dream

The following two paragraphs, copied from our website at, synopsize the realization—the bringing into being—of what we want to call: Merlin’s Dream. 

PluribusOne™ is the exclusive source of Noetitek™—the top system for solution discovery, decision support, and action planning. This is the way to find elusive answers, develop strategies, capture opportunities, and meet difficult challenges. If Merlin had discovered Noetitek™, Camelot might be more than a memory.

Noetitek™ is the technology that implements discoveries in the new science of Enhanced Human Perception™ (EHP). It combines the concepts of mind and technology and blends both ancient and modern ways of knowing. The result is a system of powerful mind tools for breaking through the limits of ordinary perceptual abilities. 

Merlin’s Dream is about “solution discovery” in the sense of identifying and solving problems. PluribusOne™ can do that, as demonstrated in dozens of posts that report on our successes in analyzing: scientific theories, Renaissance artworks, space-time anomalies, enigmatic movies, archeological artifacts, architectural mysteries, and various fiction and nonfiction books as well as matters of global concern. We have done much “drilling down” in search of golden understandings and innovative solutions. This work, through these applications of the Noetitek™ system, is a source of great satisfaction in many ways and on several levels. 

But “solution discovery” also includes the even more exciting and more important quest for the discovery of new opportunities, the creation of new initiatives, and the breaking of new ground. Proof of the efficacy of Noetitek™ in achieving this vision is equally evidenced in dozens of additional posts. “The Solution at Devil’s Lake,” for example, describes not only a solution to some floodwater challenges but also an opportunity to turn an enormous problem into numerous opportunities, including creation of various kinds of new jobs involving the construction and multiple uses of our proposed Water-Terracing™ installations. 

Also, all of the twenty-odd meta-tools that we have invented, tested, and applied over the past fifteen or so years were the result of employing the core Noetitek™ system. All of those tools, in turn, assist in making further discoveries in any field of human endeavor. A cluster of discoveries led us to design and develop a Noetitek Intelligence Augmentation™ device to aid future space explorers as well as adventurers into other literal and metaphorical territories that are unfamiliar. Our invention of a high-intelligence test is another example of a Noetitek™-based insight that led to an invention that is both practical and entertaining. 

The Noetitek™ system also guided us in the invention of a new genre of art: meta-naturalism, and a new form of poetry: the Noeti-Haiku™. Most significant was the unplanned formulation of a new philosophy: NoetiTaoism™ which emerged organically from out of all of our foundational discoveries related to science and spirituality. In recent years, the nonreligious and nonsectarian NoetiTaoism™ has taken on a life of its own. Many other breakthroughs in various professional arenas and areas of popular interest are listed on our home page under: Important Information—Achievements

As we move forward with this blog, we will continue to be guided by autotelic inspiration, synchronicity, client assignments, and reader feedback. Nonetheless, we expect to place more and more emphasis on the quest for new discoveries, in other words: doing less analytical drilling down and more creative reaching-up. This path within our larger path—this higher yet less distinctly defined lane—has always delivered not only satisfaction in a job well done, but also supplied immense excitement and joy. Let us help you answer your calling.


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