Quantum Enigma Solved

Albert Einstein found the implications of quantum theory mysterious, considering that the theory requires an observation at one place to simultaneously affect what happens far away and without detectable involvement of physical force—“spooky action at a distance.” Physicists now say that merely looking is causal. Whole books have been written to summarize the implications of scientific demonstrations of spooky “entanglement” but fall short of solving the mystery. In this post, we shall draw on our NoetiTaoist™ philosophy and Noetitek™-based Theory of Everything to fill the void. 

Quantum theorists, using peer-reviewed experiments toward understanding the meaning of quantum theory, demonstrate that physical reality is created by “observation”—by Consciousness, focused attention. They also reveal the reality of faster-than-light connectivity between and among separate objects. Consciousness is faster than light and Creation occurs faster than light. Super-positioned Consciousness continuously generates the Space-Time realm faster than we, or any object, can move within it. Reality is, in a sense, rolled out before us like carpeting that accommodates each next footstep. 

Many years ago, our Noetitek™ system informed us that Omniverse is composed of nine dimensions, three of which are dimensions of Consciousness. Although non-atomic in composition, those three source-energy dimensions do not lack materiality. In fact, the lower/slower six dimensions of Space-Time are created not only by Consciousness but also with Consciousness and through Consciousness. The faster-than-light subatomic realm of Consciousness is foundational to the atomic. The dimensions of Consciousness reside—invisibly, and unrecognized by physicists—within the six dimensions of Time and Space. Nothing in Space-Time exists separate and apart from Consciousness. 

Beyond the not-quite infinite fabric of infinitely processing Omniverse, two additional “dimensions” represent the alpha and omega of eternal Awareness—All and Nothing. The nine dimensions of Creation can be thought of as both the raw materials and tools that Awareness uses to create the Reality that we experience multisensorially, through various states/stages of our consciousness. The dimensions are nested. For example: dimension one is nested within dimensions two through nine and dimension two is nested within dimensions three through nine. All nine are nested within a totality that can be thought of as the tenth dimension, a meta-expression of the Oneness, the All. 

“Location” is a concept applicable only in the six dimensions of Time and Space, not in the dimensions of Consciousness. Consciousness is omnipresent and omniscient. Its three nested dimensions work together as one dynamic and turbulent force. Within those dimensions there is no time, place, or distance. Everything is of, through, and from the One Mind—every planet, every blade of grass, every subatomic particle. When this is fully grasped there is nothing spooky about “spooky action”—nothing supernatural, nothing enigmatic. Nature is conscious, nine-dimensional, and unendingly generative. 

When scientists ask whether consciousness collapses wave-functions, they are thinking of consciousness only as the assumed choice-making ability of experimenters—a very tentative and limited concept of Consciousness. Neo-Darwinist thinking still dominates mainstream conceptualizing of evolution, and its adherents see consciousness as a mere byproduct of biochemistry. Unless science learns the truth about Consciousness, the “observer effect” can only continue to be perceived as “spooky.” Until philosophy’s touchstone: “Know Thyself,” is adopted by science, the mystery will endure.


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10 Responses to “Quantum Enigma Solved”

  1. PeaceTrainer Says:

    You appear to have invented the term “superpositioned consciousness.” If I understand this correctly, you’re saying that Schrodinger’s cat is both dead and alive because it’s not actually flesh and blood in either state.

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Schrodinger’s thought experiment is not something we find very useful because it is based on a flawed premise.

    Schrodinger used his cat as an example of something having a superposition, and we have no problem with that part. We would say the cat is both dead and alive in the dimensions of Consciousness rather than use a hypothetical box. The cat is also dying or dead within the lower six dimensions of one set of parallel universes, alive within the lower six dimensions of another set of parallel universes, and nonexistent in a third set—all possibilities being manifest among the multiple universes of Omniverse.

    All possible states exist in the dimensions of Awareness and Consciousness—the One Mind. And the first dimension of Time is a kind of staging area for manifestation. All of those four “higher” dimensions are real—as much a part of Reality as the familiar four.

    By the way, animal senses (including human) are capable of experiencing the higher dimensions, all of which are present in the human body and in the world around us. Schrodinger’s use of a sealed box is part of his flawed premise.

  3. PeaceTrainer Says:

    Next question: When the proverbial tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound?

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Contrary to the common philosophical belief, yes, because Consciousness is there even if no person or other creature is present. Consciousness is always looking and listening—sensing.

  5. Valiant Says:

    Do you then agree with Einstein when he said God does not play dice? He was confronting the enigma of apparent randomness.

  6. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Einstein was correct, but for the specific reason that when Consciousness rolls dice, all possible combinations turn up somewhere and some-when.

    There is no enigma, only a narrow perspective.

  7. Stark Raven Says:

    Classical physics perceives no mechanism for a top-down conscious influence such as you describe.

  8. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Classical physicists need to tentatively accept our “theory” of multidimensionality and look for the breadcrumbs that lie all around them. Super-positioned Consciousness is everywhere, within and without. We are in it and it is in us.

  9. Sara B. Good Says:

    Why do you think it is so hard for the average person to accept the truth of the quantum quality of reality?

  10. PluribusOne™ Says:

    First, everyone does not find the basic idea hard to accept, although brains entrained to Western religious conceptualizing seem more prone to experiencing cognitive dissonance with respect to it than brains steeped in Eastern spirituality such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Shinto. We do not see this as a flaw in Western scriptures so much as it is the result of misguided interpretation and suppressive political influence.

    The big stumbling block, in our opinion, is that humans—perhaps especially in the west—are conditioned to beginning their understanding of a thing by comparing and contrasting it with something else. Unfortunately for that either-or (combative) approach to learning, nowhere is there an absence of presence of a dimension of Consciousness that can be pointed to that would make the presence of Consciousness discretely detectable. Consciousness is omnipresent, nested within all other dimensions.

    Those who refer to quantum theory as being “counterintuitive”—as we hear some left-brain-dominant physicists steadfastly assert—do not understand the true experiential meaning of intuition. Which is not surprising: How can they understand the nature of intuition when they do not understand the nature of Consciousness? It might help if physicists were required in their schooling to take courses in art and filmmaking.

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