Taiji of NoetiTao™

The philosophy of NoetiTaoism™ (see “NoetiTaoism™—Questions and Answers”) is based on the foundational system of Nature as revealed through the Noetitek™ system, which is the technology facilitating the new science of Enhanced Human Perception™ discussed in numerous earlier posts. As mentioned in: “NoetiTaoism™ Answers ‘Impossible’ Questions,” for example, attempting to awaken to the highest order of truth is a universal taboo. While the tabooed answers to the questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? are answered in that post, to reveal that truth solely to our reader’s intellect is not enough. Truth is not actually known until it is found from within, and in order to find, one must seek. 

As we touched on in “NoetiTaoism™ and the Human Soul,” the self, the ego, is an offshoot of a higher order of essential Consciousness or Mass Mind. Aligning the self with that Oneness allows for direct experiences of certainty—truth. The tripartite One Consciousness is the source of visions, prophecies, and creative solutions of the highest order, and there are three non-drug-induced ways to tap into that essential Consciousness: (1) unexpectedly, which may occur once in a lifetime, as a result of encountering some “cosmic trigger,” (2) through ladder-like use of reasoning until reaching the limit of what left-brain processing can reveal and then experiencing a lightning-like breakthrough, or (3) by using a method that engages the whole brain to foster awakening. 

One effective method having no adverse impacts on body or mind is our version of Taiji, or Tai Chi, which means, in our translation: the infinite undifferentiated pure potentiality of the three dimensions of Consciousness functioning in harmony. The Taiji of NoetiTao™ is unique from its traditional oriental cousin in that its essence is not expressed by way of symbols of polarity such as the black-and-white symbol for yin-yang but by the Nine-Dimensional Sphere of NoetiTaoism™ (see “Nine-Dimensional Sphere™ Discovered” and Image File #40). The nine-dimensional sphere, which symbolizes the structure of infinite Omniverse, is visualized as a lighted ball held between the hands, while knowledge of its meaning is meditated upon at a point during execution of certain physical exercises. 

Like traditional Tai Chi, the Taiji of NoetiTao is a way to achieve and maintain calmness and focus toward promoting mental and physical health. But its purpose goes beyond that, to assist the seeker of higher Truth to achieve what Dr. Albert Einstein called “cosmic religious sense” and more. Taiji of NoetiTao is not a martial art in any sense; emphasis is not on the first and/or second dimensions of Omniverse but on the three dimensions of Consciousness as a way to apprehend the Oneness that includes not only those three but all nine dimensions and also the dynamics of their interrelated ever-present interplay. Select movements of traditional Tai Chi are adequate to help facilitate that objective, but traditional yin or yang Tai Chi meditations are not. 

The Taiji of NoetiTao Method ™—the blended meditation and movements—requires an understanding of the principles expressed through the Noetitek™ system and embodied by NoetiTaoism™, which means considerable training and study. At some appropriate point we will develop a DVD-based presentation that provides basic system information and meditation-related instruction along with demonstration of the Taiji exercises, all of which work together as one simultaneous process. 

“Certainty” is a feeling that resides in the second dimension of Time, at the margin of human sense of Reality. When you know, you will know that you know.


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4 Responses to “Taiji of NoetiTao™”

  1. Sandi Says:

    The meditation you describe sounds like yin meditation. How is it different?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    In yin meditation the mind sustains empty alertness. In yang meditation there is constant focus on something. In this meditation the mind is not empty, nor is there a sustained focus on anything.

    At a certain point in the process, the sphere is visualized, along with an imagined tactile quality of that, but only until the mind has consciously refreshed/reviewed its knowledge of the basic principles of Nature. That matrix of thoughts and the visualized kinetic form are then energized by strong emotion and merged into the imagined tactile sensing to create a synesthetic effect—one ambiguous but clear channel (frequency) of feeling that can serve as a kind of lightning rod/tube for illumination.

    Some of the physical movements are done with the eyes open and some with eyes closed. In our experience, “illumination” can take many forms: (1) a knowing that is beyond verbal description, (2) a word or words that are heard, (3) an image that looks like a photograph, (4) a motion picture, or even (5) a sense of being physically touched.

  3. Sandi Says:

    So the process is a method for channeling information? I thought it was about relaxing and promoting health.

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Intellectual awareness of the nature and structure of Omniverse aligned/combined with sensory awareness of wholeness/Oneness can “open the door” to experiencing a wide range of effects.

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