RAW “Maybe Logic”

Some people “hit a wall” that awakens them to the Big Lie that there is no system of cosmic intelligence, no purpose, no point to Life, that we are insignificant flotsam. Some proceed to ask questions and, in the process, hit two further walls: the ones on each side of their entrained psycho-spiritual rut. If their questioning leads to sufficient expansion of intelligence, they eventually hit a fourth wall: one they erect for themselves barring the way back to the Eden of earlier sleep. The fourth, of course, enables the final challenge: to climb completely out of the box and enjoy the freedom that emerges together with awareness that we are the creators of our world. To sense how that may feel, imagine being Robert Duvall’s character at the end of the film: THX 1138

Twentieth-century philosopher, Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007) was, in our assessment, a full-time worker at the edge of the next stage of human evolution. R.A.W. authored more than thirty books, from among which our favorites are: The Cosmic Trigger (I, II, and III), The New Inquisition, Quantum Psychology, Masks of the Illuminati, and Coincidance (with the “a”). In addition to those remarkable writings, his works include about twenty audio and video productions. Perhaps the best is the 82-munute feature-length Documentary Audience Award winner titled: Maybe Logic, a DVD published in 2003 and still easily obtainable. Although PluribusOne™ cannot ratify the entirety of Wilson’s philosophizing—much of which is creatively reframed gleanings from earlier philosophers, psychonauts, and cranial navigators—we heartily recommend this production (despite the sometimes annoying soundtrack), along with the books we referenced above, to everyone who has hit at least two of the aforementioned walls. 

A popular theme in many of Wilson’s books is the Illuminati of legend and myth. Wilson perceived the Illuminati to be freethinkers and democratic reformers who organized and plotted to overthrow the Pope and European kings. Although schooled to embrace Catholicism as a child, untethered out-of-the-box Wilson applauded the substantial success of the Illuminati and wished them luck to complete the project. His perennial critique of unspiritual fundamentalist Christianity was equaled by his critique of the “irrational rationalism” of what he called the Citadel of Science, with its unscientific taboo-ridden, narrow-minded, hostile, and dogmatic attitude. His devout agnosticism obviously limited the market for his writings and lectures, but for wanna-be freethinkers, we recommend allowing the initial feeling of discomfort and following Wilson’s own advice: to not judge him too quickly (either negatively or positively). 

What is the philosophical grounding for Maybe Logic? It was Wilson’s conviction that intelligent people cannot be believers, that every idea and alleged fact is better approached with the attitude that it may or may not be true or point the way to some truth. He advocated the use of E-Prime, a form of English language lacking “be” verbs—is, was, are, were, etc—because their use expresses certainty and undermines agnostic/objective examinations. PluribusOne™ rarely writes in E-Prime, but at stages of various investigations we pull “be” verbs out and carefully reinsert some. Nothing in the universe is absolute, but unlike a staunchly probabilistic view, we see everything as true somewhere and some-when among endless parallel universes of Omniverse. All things are possible, and individuals have more control than realized over what they experience. 

A major message of Maybe Logic is that science and mysticism are not actually opposed but are, instead,  inherently aligned because both embrace questioning and experimentation. Although not mentioned on the Maybe Logic DVD, enlightened organizations such as The Scientific and Medical Network facilitate interdisciplinary networking.


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4 Responses to “RAW “Maybe Logic””

  1. Valiant Says:

    Is there anything Wilson said on the DVD that you totally disagree with?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Wilson said nothing we totally disagree with although he said some things we do not totally agree with. The following is not so much a disagreement or criticism as it is an addendum.

    Wilson repeatedly reiterated something Bucky Fuller asserted: that “scenario universe” consists of non-simultaneously apprehended events; therefore, room must always be made for new discoveries, further input. We can agree with that statement, and its implications have validity when functioning in ordinary states of consciousness, which is more than 99.9% of the time. However, the experience of Cosmic Consciousness is a holistic apprehension unfettered by time-flow and unbounded by spatial dimensions. Unfortunately, such holistic apprehension is also beyond adequate communication in words. You may experience it, but you cannot communicate it with complete accuracy, only in approximations.

  3. Valiant Says:

    But wouldn’t Fuller have known that. Didn’t he describe having a cosmic consciousness experience when he was on the verge of suicide? If so he would have known that some overarching truths can be grasped holistically. No?

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:

    That experience is described in at least one of the Fuller biographies. Although his encounter with a sentient ball of light might be “transcendental,” a guided epiphany, it does not seem to have been a moment of holistic Cosmic Consciousness—more like a spirit communication or UFO contact. Fuller received a message, and the message was not received like a wordless bolt of lightning, nor was it difficult to articulate. Also, the message was not about the nature of Universe; it was a personal message about Fuller’s worth, purpose, and path.

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