Noetitek House Art™

In February, 2009, PluribusOne™ announced its creation of a new genre of art: Abstract Meta-Naturalism™ (see post: “Noetitek™ Art – Abstract Meta-Naturalism™”). As stated therein: “The style is chromatic, using hard-edge techniques and geometric elements to construct a universal and visual language to transliterate the omnipresent Language of Nature and allow its expression through images akin to magical sigils, ciphers, and mandalas in that they make connections at deep levels of consciousness.” 

Over the past few years, we have experimented with various designs and color constructions to find their effects on viewers. Although, until recently, these experiments have taken the form of two-dimensional paintings, we had also made sketches for future experiments with such things as murals on the sides of urban buildings designed to achieve specific goals, such as crime reduction and stimulation of commerce. Now we turn our attention to designs intended to stimulate real estate sales. 

Our first project is focused on stimulating the sale of private homes. Whereas our plans to conduct community-related experiments involve governmental approvals, grant applications to cover installation costs, and garnering political cooperation, our Noetitek House Art™ initiative is free of those public project hurdles. Except in image-restrictive neighborhoods, anyone challenged to sell their home in a less than booming economy can participate in this experiment. Repainting is among the least expensive home improvements an owner can make, and our design service is affordable. 

See Image File #42 to glimpse a Noetitek House Art™ project presently transforming a previously solid gray house. Additional images will be added as the project progresses. Although the transformation has only begun, this house—on and off the market for four years, and having attracted no more than six house-shoppers—attracted three potential prospects in one week. Will the aesthetic quality of the new exterior add dollar value and prompt the sale of this house? We are certain that the likelihood of a higher selling price and faster sale are greatly increased.

The Noetitek Art™ style blends empiricism, spirit, and emotion with esoteric knowledge of the primal energies that drive manifestation at all levels of Mind and Matter. From out of the darkness of Goya’s “Black Paintings” emerged the colorful, energy-filled works of Vincent van Gogh. Paul Cézanne’s explorations into geometric simplification and optical phenomena followed, and Pablo Picasso’s experiments in cubism carried that torch toward a New Renaissance, a renaissance acknowledging roots that reach back beyond Classical Antiquity to the earliest painters on cave walls, while stretching ahead to establish its vision for the future. Yet, even as Picasso—in the midst of his disassembling and reassembling of windows on the paradoxical “concrete Illusion”—managed to transfer his insights through paint to canvas, his connection to Source Energy Awareness (SEA) lacked metaphysical coherence, unity with the divine.

Noetitek Art™ incorporates and exceeds those earlier efforts to unite and commune with the divine implicate order. Tricks-of-the-eye such as “linear perspective” are not adequate to meet this challenge; instead, Noetitek Art™ embeds “cosmic triggers” in the design of each image. Through these triggers—whether realized consciously or not—Noetitek Art™ facilitates making purposeful transpersonal connections.

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