“Who Ordered That?”

Popular science and science fiction author Isaac Asimov (1919-1992) once remarked, “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’, but ‘That’s funny…’” because so many scientific discoveries have been made unexpectedly, in the course of conducting pure science research or in the quest for something else entirely.

Seventy-odd years ago, when the mystifying subatomic particle called the muon—a particle similar to but having more mass than an electron—was discovered, Isidor Rabi, the Nobel laureate physicist, used the similarly appropriate phrase: “Who ordered that?” because the muon challenged the Standard Model of particle physics, and such discovery had not been expected.

In 2004, physicists at Brookhaven National Laboratory, in New York, measuring the wobble of muons in a magnetic field, evidenced their suspicion that the Standard Model is incomplete. The results deviated substantially from established theory. Their carefully worded report basically stated that some particles had yet to be discovered, that standard particles may have “super-partners” in the Reality-making business.

That “Eureka!” event at Brookhaven and its enormous implications for formation of a New Model of particle physics seemed to us to run parallel to—and, in part, validate—the structure of Omniverse as we had conceptualized it, and come to understand it in terms of its functions and processing, many years ago through using our Noetitek™ system for Enhanced Human Perception™ and creativity support. We fully expected that more discoveries of a similar nature would soon be arriving to affirm the cosmological paradigm and Theory of Everything that we had described.

Higher dimensions and finer particles await discovery. Omniverse is more than space-time—it is space-time-mind, and the discovery of particles that will bridge the gap between physics and metaphysics will beckon the next stage of human evolution. Because, as human consciousness expands, so does everything experienced in time and space. We are multidimensional beings limited perceptually by our present biophysical equipment. But, I digress…

Now there is even more cause for celebration because physicists working at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, recently discovered another particle beyond the Standard Model. The new particle, tentatively named the E(38) boson, is lighter than any elementary particle other than the electron and neutrino. This latest discovery, made in the wake of the Higgs boson—which was the long-sought-after, widely anticipated, and presumed “final validation” of the Standard Model—has prompted journalistic science writers to resurrect the I. I. Rabi quote: “Who ordered that?”

Although the desire for this specific appetizer was never voiced by PluribusOne™, a reasonable response to the question of “Who ordered that?” is: We did.


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