Edgar Cayce and NoetiTaoism™

World-renowned psychic, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), known as “the sleeping prophet,” answered questions and discoursed on a wide range of topics over many years. More than fourteen-thousand discourses fill volumes and remain available to interested parties today thanks to The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. (A.R.E), founded in 1931. The A.R.E. is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Decades ago, we investigated Cayce’s work and concluded that he was genuinely psychic, having passed far too many tests to have been able to fake his “remote viewings,” which lend credibility to his claimed access to Akashic (cosmic) records.                 

Among the many subjects Cayce discoursed on while in his self-induced trance state, PluribusOne™ ranks his “readings” on the nature of man and the cosmos among the most important for everyone to study who wishes to gain a better understanding of not only who they are, but what they are. Not long ago, it came to our attention how compatible the information in those particular numerous readings is with the tenets of our NoetiTaoism™ although the Edgar Cayce material makes for laborious reading whereas the NoetiTaoist™ material is presented in plainer and simpler language. 

As we have discussed in several earlier blog posts, Omniverse is composed of many multidimensional universes and worlds, all created by Source Energy Awareness (SEA), the One, as a medium for Its expression, occupation, and experiencing. Every human being and other life-form is a unique vehicle—or channel, or conduit—designed to embody the One, like streams emanating from a river. Cayce referred to SEA, the One, as “that One Force,” as in the following material from his reading at 13-2: 

“In the application of the physical forms as are manifested in a material world, individuals often lose sight of the fact that all force as is manifested in a material world emanates from that source that brought the world into being. Because there arises much that apparently is within the ken or scope of individual accomplishments, the credit is given to man’s forces—or the lack of man’s ability, or accredited in man’s own making, rather than that man, or those men, or those conditions, are rather but the channels of a manifestation of that One Force as brought them into being.” (Italics are ours, to enhance clarity.) Other Cayce readings expound on this. 

Cayce spoke of “universes” and “other universes.” He said: “…the earth is only an atom in the universe of worlds,” that other “solar systems” are also “peopled,” and that there are other, higher dimensions, including “dimensions of consciousness”—all of which comport substantially with NoetiTaoism™ and with our discoveries using the Noetitek™ system. Although it would take a book to explain the deeper and more esoteric connections between NoetiTaoism™ and the Cayce readings, we must report that we were surprised to read so many amenable statements about complex matters such as the adverse (and benevolent) “influences of Venus and Saturn,” and about numerology. 

In resonance with cornerstones of Hermeticism and NoetiTaoism™, Cayce said: “…let it be understood there is the pattern in the material or physical plane of every condition as exists in the cosmic or spiritual plane, for things spiritual and things material are but those same conditions raised to a different condition of the same element—for all force is as of one force.” (5756-4) Emphasizing the power of Will, Cayce was saying that thoughts take shape and form, that Mind creates and directs even the stars and constellations—stars and constellations do not rule over the mind or mandate destiny.


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