Reverse Time Travel

On the topic of time travel, the following email was recently received by PluribusOne™: 

“I read an article that said time travel into the future is theoretically possible because it’s consistent with laws of physics, considering Einstein’s theory of relativity which says that the passage of time is relative to the speed at which you are traveling. If you use a fast enough vehicle, you can skip ahead to a future environment. However, the author said that that same theory doesn’t appear to support the possibility of traveling into the past. And, even if it were possible, it leads to logical paradoxes where you could, for example, erase yourself in the ‘present’ or trigger the collapse of the whole universe. Based on your system and the philosophy and theories you’ve developed, do you believe it is possible to travel into the past, and how could that work?” 

Traveling into the past, or “reverse time travel,” is possible and has been done via dimensions of Time and Mind. That some civilization from a parallel universe has achieved such travel with vehicular machines is also, for us, a certainty. 

The fabric of Omniverse (see earlier posts) is composed of nine dimensions: three of Mind (or Consciousness), three of Time, and three of Space. Traveling into the future utilizes one dimension of Time, whereas traveling into the past involves another dimension of Time. Many people have experienced very brief travels into the future and the past, brief enough to be taken as mental aberrations or hallucinations, artifacts of imagination, or misperception. Yet, for those who have experimented with this, such travels can be induced, and evidence—in the form of data, information, or knowledge—can be gathered from the past or future to demonstrate the reality of the experiences. 

Because your body, as it exists at present, does not exist in the past or future, traveling into the past and future is via higher dimensions of your multidimensional being. In other words, although people in the future or past might detect your mostly nonphysical presence, you will not leave fully physical “footprints.” That said, it is possible to visit the future or past in your present body, but a separate vehicle is required as a container for your fully biological present-self, because these travels are into past, future, and even co-present points in parallel universes. Visitors from parallel universes have been recorded by credible people throughout history, as have visitors from the past and future. 

The scientist whose article you were reading is wrong about the inevitable “logical paradoxes” because fully physical time travel is only between and among parallel universes, which universes represent all possibilities, including your presence and actions as a “time traveler” in any direction through Time. The idea that reverse time traveling could cause the universe to collapse is an interesting intuition—not exactly incorrect because from the traveler’s perspective, the universe does appear to collapse. Yet nothing collapses any more than when you move from one room to another, or just close your eyes. The room you just left or stopped looking at is not directly perceivable, but it did not collapse. 

[The above post can be read together with our earlier post of June, 2009, titled “Paving the Way for Time Travel,” which approached from a different angle the question of whether time travel is possible and, therefore, supplies complementary insights. The November 2010 post, “Assessment: Dr. Kozyrev’s Time Theory,” mentions time travel and contains further supplemental information. The May, 2012 post, “The Color of Time,” also mentions time travel and suggests additional related posts.]


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6 Responses to “Reverse Time Travel”

  1. TigerSprite Says:

    Can travel to and from parallel universes also be done through the dimensions of Time and Mind, or is a special vehicle of some sort always required?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Like travel into the past and future of this universe, travel into parallels can be done through the higher dimensions.

  3. TigerSprite Says:

    You say my present body does not exist in the past or the future, but doesn’t the simple fact that I was here yesterday and here again today disprove that?

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:

    No, because although you may appear similar in almost every respect from day-to-day—from moment to moment—you are not the same. We are continuously changing as we move forward in our human life experience.

  5. TigerSprite Says:

    Is ageing necessary?

  6. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Tangible changes are unavoidable for a biological entity.

    The process of experiencing life multi-dimensionally—the continuous enfolding of experiential products of unfolded desire—determines the rate and nature of the changes. Some people visibly age extremely rapidly whereas others remain remarkably youthful in appearance even into advanced years.

    Some people change within only a few years to such a degree that they barely resemble their former selves—they may appear much younger or much older. It is not impossible for a person to live for hundreds of years, but the truth is almost no one desires that. Just as at the end of a day the body craves sleep, in time the body craves death.

    An irony is that those who do desire to live “forever” are almost always driven to that thought by fear of death, and fear itself shortens life in mortal form. Mind governs.

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