Invisible Colors

The palette of colors spanning the range of normal human perception is extremely limited. About a trillion wavelengths are unavailable to our eyes. Some people see fewer colors than normal, and some people see more. Those rare individuals who can see beyond the spectrum normally available to human eyesight—people able to perceive colors ordinarily invisible—intrigue PluribusOne™ and inspired this post. 

Kabbalists refer to the higher and invisible colors as “supernal colors” and understand the lower visible colors to be the reflection of those supernal source-colors. In the Zohar portion titled “Vaera,” it says that Moses was the only person capable of seeing the higher colors with open eyes. Others, Magi, were said to intuit these higher colors and also see them when their eyes were closed, but they saw only the lower colors when their eyes were open. This knowledge about colors was a closely guarded secret. 

Why would it matter what colors a person can see? 

The significance to seeing beyond the normal human color-band is that—as we discovered during development of Noetitek™—the color spectrum corresponds directly to every other conceptual data-set expressed in Omniverse by Source Energy Awareness (SEA) via its energetic structuring matrix. For example, every letter of the Hebrew alphabet is also a number and also represents a hand-gesture, color, and many other things. Therefore, to see beyond the normal color spectrum is to perceive a wholly expanded Reality. While most people see only the surface of a thing, including the surface of another person, “extra-sensitives,” to coin a word, can see beneath facades. 

While the holy Zohar speaks only of the ability of certain “wise men” (Magi) to “intuit” higher colors, it neglects to state forthrightly that this intuitive ability includes the ability to intuit information about anything—to accurately “see” beyond the ordinary boundaries of any aspect of Reality. At highest, this means a fusion of the senses into what amounts to one sense, which is a good definition of “synesthesia.” Perceptions normally classifiable as visual, for example, may be received in another form, say, audibly, or in two or more forms simultaneously. A color, for example, may be seen, felt, and tasted all at once.

Whereas one person may see a common bush, a different person with wider ranging perception may see the bush as burning without being consumed by ordinary fire, and s/he may also hear words that correspond to that band of vibration. The speaker and listener are as one, and “I am that I am” is a fitting expression of heightened awareness. Similarly, when one person says to another: “We’re on the same wavelength,” s/he means: “We can understand each other without the need to do the typical exchange of words, gestures, and explanatory exhibits.” Two people so attuned do things such as correctly finish each others’ sentences. Their vibrations connect, match, and entangle. 

Scientists today may attribute Moses’ extrasensory gifts in terms of genetic mutation. PluribusOne™ sees such gifts in terms of the person’s vibration at the level of spirit-body working through the physical body, including personal genetic structure (because genes are ‘effects,” not causal). Based on a careful study of historical accounts, the true Mosaic priesthood consisted of Moses’ descendants, prophets who exhibited the same ability to receive—transceive, actually—at unusually high levels of vibration. Devices, most notably the Ark of the Covenant, were also employed, constructed by using metaphysical technologies and physical materials including gold and gemstones.


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