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Transhuman Nature

January 13, 2013

When I was sixteen, I recall finding the neglected grave of French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin at St. Andrews-on-the-Hudson, near my home, and wondering how the body of that renegade Jesuit priest had gained a place on consecrated ground. De Chardin has been credited with originating the concept of “trans-humanism.” At the time, I had no idea that I would one day resolve the mysteries of the origin and purpose of life and time and space, and formulate a new philosophy—NoetiTaoism™—which is far from Catholic, in the doctrinal sense, and yet more than Catholic in that NoetiTaoism™ is genuinely universal and cross-cultural. Perhaps his spirit spoke to me of regrettable shortcomings, unquenched desire, unfinished business, and baton-passing. 

Our “Text of 2013 Speech” (see home page) begins by positioning our listener in the context of ongoing developments in philosophy, art, and science, developments evidencing the drama of human “evolution” continuously unfolding around us. The unfolding represents the ever-fresh fruits of desires of Consciousness channeled through the most self-aware members of our species. Evolution, as de Chardin had not recognized, does not flow in accordance with any sort of Darwinian theorizing. Nor is Omniverse evolving towards a complexity-creating Omega Point, as he believed. Evolution through living forms—biological topology—is a function of changes within the dimensions of Consciousness: the three most sublime, foundational, and creational dimensions of this turbulent, unending, nine-dimensional Omniverse. 

The nature of Consciousness is the product of Source Energy Awareness (SEA), and that nature is transhuman—trans-life-form, actually. This has always been and will always be true. While the human form-ulation is an excellent expression of the fundamental principles of multidimensional creation, and a fine vehicle for generating dramatic physical experience, it is still a work in progress from the Earth-human perspective. In SEA, as well as in Omniverse, all possible enhancements and variations on the human-form theme already exist. With respect to SEA, the term “natural selection” has an entirely different meaning because for SEA there is no issue of survival and no “need” of any kind beyond SEA’s never-to-end-liberation from ultra-meta-physicality. 

Teilhard’s idea of noosphere, rooted at it was in Vladimir Vernadsky’s deeply flawed conceptualizing of evolution of Earth, promoted an error in western thinking that continues to pollute the theorizing of mainstream biology even into this century. Consciousness is not a byproduct of chemistry, and humanity is not the equivalent of a monster colony-creature given life by a Frankenstein god. Nor will that mind-mold find satisfied expression through the artificial intelligence projects of Doctor-Frankenstein-wannabees. The noosphere that I perceive aligns considerably with Carl Jung’s collective unconscious and, to some degree, with Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field. There is shared mind-space integral to the overall structure of space-time-mind, and it is not exclusively a realm for human brainwork; other life-forms, and the Divine, also cross-connect there. 

Transcendence from constraints of human form is not something that must await future discovery or development. “All and everything” is resident within the infinite processing of Omniverse now. But all things are not available to all entities at all times. No cybernetic transcendence-device will ever be available to anyone who happens to have a credit card and pass-code to enter an online shop. As it says in the New Testament (Matt. 7:14): “…the gate is small and the way is narrow… there are few who find it.”