Ancient Aliens

In September, 1992, I was one of seven independent researchers honored to lecture on UFOs at the International Forum on New Science. It was the third annual conference of the International Association for New Science, co-founded by former astronaut and professor: Dr. Brian O’Leary, Peace Corps co-engineer: Dr. Maurice L. Albertson, and Dr. Robert Siblerud. There were many speakers on many topics (see Image File #48). The title of my paper was: “Ancient Aliens: the Truth about Unidentified Flying Objects.” 

The dominant belief inculcated by foremost authorities who acknowledge the reality of the UFO phenomenon—then and now—is that the age of apparent extraterrestrial visitation began in 1947, probably in response to our detonation of atomic weapons. Although I was not the first to consider a contrary explanation for enigmatic sky-borne phenomena and contact with nonhumans over millennia, I had made a unique meta-study of 20th century encounters which identified clear signals in the noisy UFO-data. Befitting my findings, I coined the term ancient aliens. The “UFO” story is far from new. 

The genesis of my interest was not academic, nor religious, nor related to anything in my life aimed at generating an income. I had had firsthand encounters, experiences that led me to join the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) as an unpaid field investigator in 1966. I was “in it” for the answers. Over the ensuing forty-plus years I have met numerous proclaimed experts on the subject and have often been surprised to find a complete lack of firsthand knowledge. When I met Dr. John Mack, after publication of his book, Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens, I asked him many questions and learned, among other things, that he had never even seen a UFO. 

It is not my intention to denigrate the work of individuals such as Dr. Mack, or Dr. Stanton Friedman, or others long on theory and short on firsthand perceptions, but nothing compares with personally witnessing the patently impossible yet irrefutably real—close-up. And nothing is more nauseating than hearing pompous “researchers” like the late Philip J. Klass pronounce that it is all some mass hallucination, or misperception of natural phenomena, or New Age madness. The fact that some debunkers are highly credentialed is a brutal reminder about over-reliance on classroom education. Dr. O’Leary, by the way, had experienced the phenomenon firsthand, as he confided in me, and which I have not mentioned until now. Brian passed away in 2011. 

The late Dr. Karla Turner attended the 1992 Forum, and she—another firsthand close-experiencer—expressed deep interest in the material I presented, the core of which included UFO encounters in the Mid-Hudson Valley area of New York State, never published before (or since). Her book, Into the Fringe, was published two months later. Turner’s books Taken, endorsed by Linda Moulton Howe, and Masquerade of Angels, were published in 1994. Karla died in 1996. As she was not a proponent of the popular “ET visitor” perspective, Dr. Turner’s books have become out-of-print collector’s items. 

So what was the gist of my thesis? The bottom-line was this: Ancient writings record a long history of fully physical as well as psychic (spiritual) interaction between humans and other entities—visible and invisible, helpful and adversarial—stories commonly taken to be imaginal, or mythical, or metaphorical. Such human-“alien” interaction dates back to the dawn of humanity and has never ceased.

United States President Ronald Reagan (another UFO close-experiencer) addressed the United Nations about “an alien force already among us”—a disclosure carefully buffered for public ears, but the leaders of nations understood. They already had thick files on military confrontations with UFOs and national security investigations into citizen reports. During the 1960s, the Secretary General of the United Nations, U Thant, deemed worldwide UFO intrusion to be the second greatest challenge faced by the UN; the uppermost problem was warfare among humans. Reagan’s 1987 speech in effect treated the two challenges as parts of one peace mission. The matters are inseparable.


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  1. PluribusOne™ Says:

    I want to clarify that my “Ancient Aliens” paper, where that term was first used (1992), has no resonance or connection with the Ancient Aliens television series that began in 2010, a History Channel show which is based largely on the deeply flawed research, misperceptions, wild speculations, and outright baloney propagated by Eric Von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin, and others of the “ancient astronaut” belief system.

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