Analysis: “Our Occulted History”

Having seen UFOs up-close; served as a NICAP field investigator; conducted related research for almost fifty years; and invented the term “ancient aliens” in 1992 (see earlier related posts), I make time to read new books on the subject, especially when the quality of an author’s writings have previously impressed me. Such is the case with Jim Marrs, whose latest book is: Our Occulted History: Do the Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens? 

Because this is a brand new book and it is not my usual practice to publicly comment on recently published materials, I am limiting my commentary to four general observations, one key question, and my conclusion. Specifics are reserved for responses to any comments my readers may submit for review and posting. But first, read the book

Major observations: 

  • Jim Marrs is a veteran journalist and best-selling author of five previous books on top cover-ups and conspiracies. He also has a background in military intelligence and public relations—no stranger to the task of influencing constituencies for one reason or another, in this case, most obviously, to sell books and create profits. 
  • The book is a careful blend of facts, possible truths, allegations (often undocumented), popular suspicions, radical hypotheses, and scientific theories. Marrs draws on a wide range of sources, including some individuals who have well-deserved reputations as authorities and others whose works are sometimes shocking but provably false as well. 
  • Marrs is not a scientist, theologian, Egyptologist, linguist, forensic examiner, or expert on the UFO phenomenon. The book presents no firsthand information or evidence. The source material, much of which is tantalizing, is all second-hand at best, cherry-picked and polished to suit the agenda of this thesis.  
  • The book examines an indisputable reality that a small group of people control finance and industry while presenting an argument for believing that humans originated as a slave race designed to serve extraterrestrial overlords whose most favored hybrid bloodlines are effectively enslaving humanity today. 

My question is this: If the “global elite” want to conceal ancient aliens, cover up the significance of their super-juiced bloodlines, and hide their evil world-control agenda, why did the “corporate masters” not block publication of this book? News Corp owns the publishing house. And who controls this enormous publishing conglomerate called News Corp?—Rupert Murdoch, a man of the very ilk Marrs purports to unmask, a master among corporate masters, a man at the peak of a pyramid full of pyramids. 

Was it not the bluebloods themselves who, from the outset, subtly promoted the idea that they were blood-linked to gods, hence their “divine right” to rule? And how have the masses of people—“sinners” by birth, and unworthy peasants—always been ruled over if not by diminution of self-worth and by fear. My conclusion is that the book serves as a brag-piece for global elites, a dark revelation promoting shock and awe and fear and a spirit of hopelessness—intimidation. These wizards of Oz are no more gods than you or I. They are where they are, doing what they do, largely because the masses of people support it.


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2 Responses to “Analysis: “Our Occulted History””

  1. Tigersprite Says:

    Please cite one example of how the masses of people support global domination by global elites.

  2. PluribusOne Says:

    The easiest example is: By subscribing to and watching and/or listening to cable (or satellite dish) programs. Some subscribers may argue that it was the evil media industry that hooked them on the service and then steadily increased prices while dumbing-down content, but if viewers are not getting something they want they would not keep paying.

    If you are spending more time changing channels than watching programs, or if you see the whole thing as a vast right-wing globalist conspiracy by the Antichrist to control your mind even in the sanctity of your home, just say no—terminate the service.

    I cancelled my cable contract eight years ago and have not missed it at all. The programming was, in my opinion, ridiculously overpriced and insultingly low quality. After a while, I realized I also had better use for the spaces where TV sets were standing and delivered them to the dump for recycling. The experience was liberating, and it led to new discoveries, like the fact that birds had been singing that I could not previously hear.

    Ever since I cut the cord I have felt less stressed and more peaceful. If you learned to quit smoking and threw out a pack of cigarettes in the process, this is not much different, except that TV sets are heavier.

    The amusing part of kicking the cable habit is that about a month after I terminated the service an unmarked sedan drove up to my house and a man dressed like an FBI agent rang the doorbell. He said he was from the cable company and they wanted to know why I opted out—true story.

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