What is Noetitek™?

PluribusOne™ received the question, “What is Noetitek™?” from a visitor to a post where we mention the Noetitek™ system. Rather than reply in just that one place, it seemed a better idea to draft a special post to answer this question for a greater number of others as well. Although the PluribusOne™ home page provides links to information about Noetitek™, the information is spread across several pages. 

In general terms, Noetitek™ is the core technology that we apply in support of intelligence augmentation (IA) goals related to our new science of Enhanced Human Perception™ (EHP). More specifically, Noetitek™ is: 

  • A technological product of Qualitative Science.
  • A new structure for science, for a revolutionizing of all sciences.
  • An expression of the multidimensional Language of Nature.
  • An articulation of Nature’s master/primal pattern set.
  • A matrix of archetypal and metaphorical “common denominators.”
  • A Rosetta Stone to translate any enigma into an understanding.
  • A set of perception-enhancing instruments, a meta-toolkit.
  • A network of decoded scalar correspondences.
  • An embodiment of Nature’s path-of-least-resistance preferences.
  • An organic process for examining and analyzing anything.
  • A systematic approach to amplifying creativity and inventiveness.
  • A way to identify opportunities and make new discoveries.
  • A path-finding device for guiding decision-making.
  • A guidance system for meeting challenges and resolving problems.
  • A blend of ancient and modern ways of knowing.
  • A New Science technology expressing a spiritual philosophy.
  • A bridge connecting the “higher” and “lower” worlds.
  • A non-pharmaceutical and non-electronic brain-booster.
  • A mechanism to boost effectiveness of nonproprietary mind-tools. 

PluribusOne™’s greatest achievement, our “Theory of Everything”—which is not the extension of any physicist’s or mystic’s work—emerged concurrently with development of The Noetitek™ System™. Not built upon previous conceptualizing, it was received “whole” in a flash of illumination that struck after a late breakfast on July 29, 1964. At the time, I had no idea that more than 40,000 hours of my life were to be invested in unpacking it into a conceptual container filled with power-tools for the mind. Although an exciting pursuit that rewards me almost daily, at times I have been pressed to abandon this work for which I have come to feel chosen, as pretentious as that may sound. 

On Thanksgiving Day, 2007, I explained to a small gathering my continued commitment to this path and expressed gratitude for having received that information-download from the Omniverse Wide Web forty-three years earlier by saying: “If, while walking through the woods one day, you came upon a multifaceted rainbow-colored gemstone lying on the ground—a one-of-a-kind otherworldly jewel, mother of all gems—would you step away from it, or pick it up? Could you ever forget about it? Toss it away? Hoard it in a vault? Or would you invest every bit of time and money you could muster in order to discover more about its origin and composition, introduce it to the gemology field, intend a market for its applications, and seek out all possible uses?”


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