Analysis: “Aliens in the Skies”

The bottom-line of our March, 2012 post: “Scientific Studies of UFOs” was that—based on in-depth examination and conclusions of top scientists advising the federal government and military—it is more than reasonable to accept that some UFO encounters are with visitors from outer space. In fact, after any honest review of the mountains of evidence, that is the obvious and sensible answer to the so-called “UFO mystery.” This has been the guarded opinion of insider scientists from at least the 1940s. The public has been confused because of government censorship and propaganda, a policy of well-intentioned extreme secrecy. 

In addition to secret and public scientific reports, there was a Congressional Hearing in 1968 that many today—who consider the idea of alien visitation ridiculous, due to strategic obfuscation—have never heard about. In 1969, John G. Fuller published a book, titled Aliens in the Skies, which contained not only the transcript of that Hearing but also an excellent commentary. Although the subtitle shown on the dust-jacket is: The New UFO Battle of the Scientists, the original and actual subtitle was more to the point: The Scientific Rebuttal of the Condon Committee Report—Testimony by Six Leading Scientists Before the House Committee on Science and Astronautics, July 29, 1968. 

Aliens in the Skies remains one of the most reliable sources of unsuppressed and unvarnished information about the UFO phenomenon. Anyone with serious interest in the subject will find it a highly readable treasure trove. The government has focused on debunking sincere but erroneous reports involving stars, weather balloons, planes, hallucinations, and on exposing fraudulent reports, but: What about the shining objects that Gemini astronauts reported seeing? What makes cars stop when “saucers” approach? What kind of hallucination shows up visually as well as on radar? What about the great number of sightings by trained astronomers, pilots, police officers, and other credible witnesses, many of whom have seen “UFOs” in daylight and at close proximity? 

The book begins: “Three UFO sightings by United States astronauts Borman and McDivitt are now officially admitted as unexplained by the Condon-University of Colorado Report. Dozens of other cases in the same report, including those with radar and visual confirmation by experts, are described with such phrases as ‘mechanical devices of unknown origin’ or ‘without plausible explanation.’ Yet the public has been led to believe by the publication of the Condon Report that the UFO problem has been solved…” The Report contained valid and valuable information, but the spin-control tactic of placing Edward U. Condon’s negative conclusion up front served like a Jedi mind-control trick convincing most people that: There’s nothing to be seen here. 

A leaked memo written early on by the Condon-Colorado study’s managing coordinator, Robert Low, stated: “The trick would be, I think, to describe the project so that, to the public, it would appear to be a totally objective study but, to the scientific community, would present the image of a group of non-believers trying their best to be objective but having an almost zero expectation of finding a saucer… I’m inclined to feel at this early stage that, if we set up the thing right and take pains to get the proper people involved and have success in presenting the image we want to present to the scientific community, we could carry off the job to our benefit”—the “job” of covering-up that was carried out by Condon’s negative summation which began on page one of the published report: “Our general conclusion is that nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past 20 years that has added to scientific knowledge.” Move along…


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